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Shakeup, Shakedown

Last night, there was a "shakeup of the leader board," which basically means that Evan and Nicole weren't the top two. Instead, Nicole was the top and Evan was not in second place. What a shakeup! I guess it's all we can hope for this season. So tonight, someone will be going home, and it will happen LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Brooke skipped the bandage dress again! Maybe she got the memo that it was getting a little repetitive. As has been the habit this season, Tom and Brooke start right out by revealing some results. Tom runs through the fact that everyone shuffled around on the leaderboard, but it's very confusing. He's like "This couple was on top, and then they fell down three places, and back up two, but last night fell another four." Whuh? Time waster. Anyway, we'll first get to find out one safe couple, and it is... Erin and Maks.

Time for Len's review of last night's performances. Len thought Nicole's routine was "all sizzle, no sausage," even if the other judges disagreed. Evan didn't do as well last night, and he says in a confessional that his goal is to get to learn all the dances, so he doesn't want to go home yet. Len loves Jake's commitment, and doesn't think his stumble was a big deal. Pamela Anderson, according to Len, didn't have precise enough footwork, and the excerpt that they show bears that out, as Pamela is kind of just running down the floor. As Len continues, Niecy shows up and Len says that he thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Len concludes that Chad and Erin were the breakthrough pair of the night. He even thought Chad's routine was the best dance of the night. Let's not get crazy, Len. It was his best routine for sure, but the best of the night? Len thinks that Maks's nudity was a distraction from Erin's improved dancing. Len thinks the swing marathon was brilliant; don't know if I agree with that, but okay.

After hearing what Len had to say, it's no surprise that Chad and Cheryl get the encore dance. I think their routine is actually better tonight. Sometimes the encore is looser and thus not as good, but that's not the case here. I still don't think Chad really did enough dancing, and I don't think his footwork is all that great, but it's still his best routine of the season. Tom agrees with me that it was better the second time around. Thanks, Tom!

Tonight's performer is Melissa Etheridge. I used to be really into Melissa Etheridge right before she broke big, like pre-Lilith Fair. And I'm not even a lesbian! But now I think she's kind of corny. And the two failed marriages make me wonder a little bit. Anyway, she sings her new song, and Chelsie and Tony come out and dance, along with Maks and Anna. And it's a really impressive routine with some crazy lifts, especially Maks and Anna. How psyched is Tony to get to dance with someone other than Kate? Wow, Maks and Tony are just whipping their partners around. I think Maks might have pulled Anna's arm out of socket at one point. Yikes.

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