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Chad and Cheryl got high marks for their tango last week, as the judges felt that he was growing. This week, they have the waltz. Chad has trouble with the technique, so Tony comes in to help him out, and talks about football to get Chad to understand the body movements. I have to say that I've been sad that I don't feel like Chad's weird personality has come across on this show. If I didn't follow him on Twitter, I wouldn't like him at all based on what I've seen. He's a little funny but the wackiness is missing. So how's his waltz? His posture is way better, and his arms are okay, but he drops it a little near the end. He always has a moment in each routine where he stops dancing and just walks. He needs to work on that character thing that Pamela does so well. I would say that this is his best dance, though, technique-wise. It's not 10-worthy, but it's good.

Bruno can't believe how graceful Chad was, and reminds him to watch his hands. Carrie Ann likes how elegant his lines were, and she thought it was sexy how he tried to be tender and graceful. Len thought Chad's arms were full of fluidity, and then tells Chad to remember this date, because this is the night he became a contender. Chad looks delighted. Aw. So cute. Backstage, Brooke brings up all the birthday gifts that Chad bought for Cheryl, and he says that it's him showing his appreciation for how hard Cheryl works. Uh huh. Sure. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 8. Cheryl can't believe they got a 9 from Len. Me neither!

Last week, everyone loved Nicole's samba, except for Len (and me) because he didn't think it was a proper routine. This week, Derek vows to do a proper routine for Len, and Nicole dedicates the routine to her aunt, who has Down Syndrome and they're dancing to her favorite song. Nicole struggles with the frame and how Derek wants her to learn the routine, and Derek realizes that he needs to tell her when she's doing well. The routine starts out and Nicole has this weirdly intense look on her face. The waltz seems like it should be smiley, but she looks smoldering if that makes sense. Like she's daring us to like her routine. The routine itself feels a little too herky jerky for me, but her lines are beautiful. I just think the waltz should be more flowing. Nicole looks upset before they even finish. I don't know. It was weird.

Carrie Ann starts out by saying that Nicole is the best dancer they've ever had on the show, but she and Derek are dancing side-by-side instead of as one. Len loved the whole thing, although he saw a few problems when they were in hold. Bruno calls her "dancing royalty." Okay, am I the only one who notices her weird facial expressions? I know its nitpicky, but still. Bruno thinks the routine was so difficult that Nicole made a few small mistakes, but it was only due to the difficulty. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. How can you tell someone that they're the best dancer that the show ever had and then give them 9s? I don't get it.

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