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Carrie Ann tells Evan that he has the eye of the tiger, because he was so focused and sexy. Len says that he's going to dust off his unused ten paddle for them because it was fantastic. Bruno tells Evan he danced like an alpha male, and was everything a girl would want. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, Bruno 10. The first perfect score of the season and well deserved. Anna is so cute, jumping around and smiling.

Now it's time for the Cha Cha Challenge, and the first team to go is Team Gaga. It's Pam and Damian, Chad and Cheryl, and Nicole and Derek. The ytalk about how they do thirty seconds together at the top, then solos, then another group segment at the end. They all want Pam to go first, and Nicole to go last. Looks like Derek is handling most of the choreography. Everyone but Nicole has struggles, so let's see how it goes as they dance to "Telephone." Their group segment is good. I couldn't figure out why they put Nicole and Derek on the left side instead of in the center until I realized it's because they're in front of the judges' table. Pam's solo has flashes of goodness, but she seems to screw up a few steps and her splits are just... not good. I don't know why they put those in the routine. Chad and Cheryl do great, although there's a lot of Chad standing there while Cheryl dances around. Nicole and Derek's portion is good but Nicole is kind of hunched over and making those weird aggressive faces that I didn't like last week. She does a split that only emphasizes how bad Pam's were. Oops. The final group segment is pretty good but the goddamn camera angles keep switching and I feel like we missed something good. It's not as good as last season's group number.

Len thought that the group segments were great, and he really likes Nicole's segment. Bruno thought the end segment was great, compliments Pam for keeping up with the others, and thinks Chad turned up the heat. Carrie Ann compliments "the sexual energy" the team has. Pamela looks like she might faint. I'm a little worried about her. Backstage, they must be running short because Brooke just keeps asking dumb questions until they finally reveal the scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

Team Madonna is up next, and the members are Niecy and Louis, Evan and Anna, and Erin and Maks. They decide that they'll start sharp and end sharp and Louis says that means Niecy is in the middle. Niecy protests until Maks tells her that she's the centerpiece. Niecy, who has done the cha cha, helps out Evan, who has not. She tells him he looks like a scarecrow and Mr. Bojangles. I wish Niecy was a judge. Then there's a whole fakey segment where they all text each other which is boring. Just bring on the dancing! It starts with Erin and Niecy dancing around Evan which kind of goes on too long, but then the rest of the group segment is good. Evan and Anna go first and he actually looks like he's having fun, but he still does look kind of like a scarecrow. I do think it's more hip action than we've seen from him, ever. Niecy and Louis are adorbs. Seriously. I think she screws up a little bit at the end, but otherwise, her segment is my favorite. Erin and Maks are not as good as I'd hoped. I mean, it's good, and Erin looks eerily like Madonna at times, but I expected better. The final segment gets a bit messy, though.

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