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Carrie Ann kisses Len on the cheek and says that the routine was so hot, and it was finally a number that showcased Erin's legs. Len calls Erin a "dirty, dirty girl" and yells that he loved it. Bruno says he never knew Erin was so bendy, and her extension was incredible. I think we're looking at a perfect score. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 10, and Bruno 9. Wow, I'm shocked that it wasn't a perfect score. There was zero criticism. WTF?

Last week, Evan and Anna scored the season's first perfect score with their Argentine tango. First, Evan takes Anna ice-skating. Then they start working on the waltz. Evan is psyched to hear that there's no hip action to worry about, but Anna keeps harping on him to feel the emotion because sometimes he comes off as cold in their routines. So does he succeed? They start out lying on the floor, which Len will probably hate. Evan's feet are still a problem. I can't believe he's gotten this far in the competition without correcting that more. And also, he's trying so hard to have good posture that he doesn't seem connected to his partner. Then he botches a couple of the spins. That sounds really critical -- it wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as last week.

Len says he's not sure if he liked it or not. He hated the beginning, but he liked Evan's posture and movements. Bruno loved the romance of it, and thought Evan had exquisite lines. Carrie Ann agrees, but points out that Evan needs to lose himself in the moment more. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Overscored.

According to Tom, Nicole is looking to reclaim the top spot this week. They have the foxtrot this week for the ballroom round. We get to see their creative process in rehearsal, where Derek lets Nicole collaborate in many of the creative decisions, but he still has to guide her on the technical aspects. Then Nicole has a breakdown about how not easy this is for her but she claims it's not drama. Whatever. They're not making me feel sorry for her. She should just own it, Yamaguchi-style. Their routine is very cute, and really shows off Derek's talent as a choreographer. It tells a story and fits with the music. I just don't really like Nicole, is the problem. But she does have a talent for slapsticky routines that hasn't been realized on this show.

Bruno calls it a jewel of a routine and loved it. Carrie Ann likes to see Nicole smile and is happy to see Nicole challenging herself every week. Len thought they turned a foxtrot into an enchanting love story, and his only criticism was that there was a lack of body contact in hold at times. I thought Len would hate it because there was a lot of business, but I think they did include a ton of content, so he can't hate. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10.

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