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It's Miley! I think Miley is worthless, and let me tell you why. She (and her parents) don't seem to get why some people are upset/offended by how she dresses and acts as a teenager who is a role model for young girls. She is dumb. She can't dance. She's not a good singer. It just bothers me that she made her fortune by getting young girls (mostly) to watch her show and buy her albums and go to her concerts, and now she wants to do this Xtina/Britney/Beyonce/Gaga thing, which is very adult. And sure I know that parents can try to limit their kids' exposure to her, but think about it: you let your eight-year-old watch Hannah Montana because it seems pretty harmless (and it is, but it's also horrible), and now you have to explain why you don't think she should buy the new album or watch the videos or whatever. That's an awkward conversation. Also, I just hate Miley's stupid face. Okay, I've never had a forum to discuss why I dislike her, and that kind of spilled out. I'm done now. Please don't e-mail me, Miley-lovers. You can love Miley all you want. Thanks.

You know what I've been wondering? How did Derek Hough get to be so awesome? He was born in Utah and all of his sisters danced, so he went too. And he was a REALLY cute kid. He moved to London to train with Corky and Shirley Ballas, and he lived there like their son. Corky jokes that the way to get Derek to behave was to take his hair gel away. Ha ha. What did I learn? Actually, nothing. I kind of knew all of that already.

Finally, some more results. Guess who else is in the finals? Nicole and Derek. Not too shocking.

After the commercial, it's time to find out who's going home and who is going through to the finals. Tom asks the judges to talk about the two couples whose fates are unknown. Carrie Ann says that they had high expectations for Chad at first, and he didn't quite meet them, but since then he has really grown. Bruno says that Erin brings an unknown quantity, and keeps people on the edge of your seat. Len says that in any other season, both of these couples would make the finals, but the talent this season is the highest yet. I would agree, but it's probably because they're finding people with some dance in their background these days. So who is going home? Chad and Cheryl. That's exactly as it should be. Chad lasted exactly as long as he deserved. I don't know how anyone could argue differently. He should just wish he were on a different season, because he would have gone further. Chad says that in his eyes, he's already won by just having this experience. Cheryl says that Chad is humble, soft, and gentle. I would love to know what really went down between them. I feel like there was more than what we saw.

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