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The "Stars" Go Dancing

Rick Fox is the next to take the dance floor. I know Rick as a ball player, but I mostly remember him from his role on Oz and from marrying Vanessa Williams and now dating Eliza Dushku. In their meeting (on a basketball court, because that's where Rick hangs out in his down time apparently), Cheryl realizes just how tall Rick is and how short she is. Cheryl has to get special shoes made to make her taller, and Cheryl has to remind him to hold his frame and let her dance up to him. This should be interesting.

They have the Viennese waltz. They don't look so mismatched on the dance floor. Rick has an athlete's grace, but he does have the pancake hands and he's kind of stiff. He also has to remember to stay on the balls of his feet; he kind of shuffles when doing quick footwork. But overall, he looks decent. Now he just has to get the performance aspect down. He doesn't have the connection with the audience that Kurt had. Len tells them that the height difference didn't get in the way; his posture was elegant and he was smooth. Bruno looks forward to Rick and Kurt duking it out. Carrie Ann thinks Rick is a fox, and he has great posture and elegant and graceful lines. Eliza looks really proud. [And a little like she wants to kill Carrie Ann for basically throwing herself at Rick -- Angel] I wish she would do the show. They should have an all-Buffy season. You know they could get Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter anyway. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 7 for a total of 22.

Margaret Cho is the next to dance. I have mixed feelings about Margaret Cho. On the one hand, I like to support female comics, and I enjoy most of her comedy from the early to mid '90s. On the other hand, she's kind of a try hard. Ooh, look, I have tattoos and I'm in an open marriage! I talk openly about my sexual peccadillos! Aren't you shocked? No, I'm bored. Moving on. Also, her mom imitation is getting old. Anyway, she's partnered with Louis, and she quickly finds out that she's not graceful. But she's going for it.

So here's what happened. Louis obviously realized that it wasn't going to be good, so they went for funny. And it was all kind of awkward. I couldn't figure out in the first half why Margaret had this sneer on her face, but I think she was going for fierce. Halfway through, she grabbed her scarf and it turned into a flowing cape, which was kind of dramatic. But then they did a bit where it got wrapped around her head and Louis had to rescue her. And then at the end she "falls down" and has a hard time getting back up. Boo. I'm disappointed. I wish she had just danced it straight. She wasn't THAT bad in the opening, and I know that she could ham it up and nail the performance aspect without the comedy. It was all a little too broad for my tastes, but what did the judges think? Bruno speaks for all of us when he yells, "What the hell was that?" He tells her she pushed it too far too soon and she should have just danced. Carrie Ann has to ask her if all the mistakes were on purpose, and Margaret says that they were. Carrie Ann wasn't a fan. Len was encouraged by the beginning, and he thinks the waltz is an inappropriate place for the comedy. I agree wholeheartedly. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 5, and Bruno 5. That was generous. I feel a little bad for Margaret when she explains that she thought it was obviously a joke because of how ridiculous the cape thing was. She must not have seen the show much; I've seen much more ridiculous things passed off with straight faces.

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