Dancing With The Stars
Season 11 Performance 1

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The "Stars" Go Dancing

So how's the actual dancing then? It's just like everything Hoff does. It's sort of self-parodying, but he dances like an old dude. Stiff, bad arms, and no hip action. He mostly gets the footwork, but just mostly. Judges? Carrie Ann thinks he dances with his mouth and face more than his body. Len tells him it's never too early to panic, which gets a big laugh. He enjoyed the entertaining part, but Len is worried about the quickstep and his lack of technique. Bruno says it was all madness and no dancing. Also, the Hoff is turning into that crazy cat woman who has had all the plastic surgery. Because of the plastic surgery. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 5, and Bruno 5 for a total of 15. Brooke asks how it feels and Hoff says it was fifteen less than they hoped. Awkward pause. Awkward pause. Awkward pause. Brooke sucks.

I think Margaret Cho might be the one to go, because I think her humor just fell flat while at least Hoff and Florence's humor was recognizable as such (barely).

Final Results:
Jennifer and Derek: 24
Kyle and Lacey: 23
Brandy and Maks: 23
Rick and Cheryl: 22
Audrina and Tony: 19
Kurt and Anna: 19
Bristol and Mark: 18
Florence and Corky: 18
Michael and Chelsie: 16
Margaret and Louis: 15
The Situation and Karina: 15
Hoff and Kym: 15

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Dancing With The Stars




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