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Well, I will mention this. They reveal that, in rehearsal, when Derek tried to leap over Jennifer's head, he didn't get high enough and ran into her head. Yikes, especially with her neck issues. Also, Bristol said that winning would be "like a big middle finger to all the people that hate my mom and hate me." So... yeah. People who already like her will probably think that's awesome; people who don't will think she's a brat. Is there really anyone out there at this point who is neutral on Bristol?

Tom takes a moment to explain how the scoring works. They figure out each couple's share of the judges' points awarded. So before tonight's dancing, Jennifer has 60 out of 168 total points awarded last night, and her share is 35.71%. Kyle's is 33.33% and Bristol's is 30.95%. The viewer votes will be added to that, and then the judges will get more scores tonight, although usually the judges tend to give nearly identical scores on the second night, thus rendering the second night worthless in terms of the competition. I think last season was the first time they didn't do that in my memory, although I never did the math to see if it mattered, and since they don't release numbers for the viewers' voting, we wouldn't really know, anyway. Then Jennifer comes out and says that she ruptured a disk last night, but she went to the hospital this morning and got fixed up (with what, a titanium implant?) so she does plan to dance tonight. Tom says that there was a lot of question throughout the day whether or not she would, but she says that she's going to give it her best shot. Good Lord, woman, don't permanently injure yourself. Can't we just give Kyle the trophy and call it a day? That would actually make me really happy.

Christina Aguilera is on hand to perform a song from Burlesque. I have a question about that movie: don't the commercials make it look just like Showgirls? Is that done on purpose? Because it's making me want to see it for the LOLs. Not sure if that's the intent. Also, I think Christina looks great, but she has clearly put on about 20 pounds (perhaps due to the breakup of her marriage) and I wonder if the timing could be worse, since she has to go on a tour to promote this film and wear next-to-nothing since it's about fancy strippers and all. Although her boobs are much bigger, so that helps. I just know that if I were her, I would be self-conscious about dancing with all those skeletal professional backup dancers. Maybe she doesn't give a shit. Who knows?

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