Dancing With The Stars
Season 11 Performance 2: Results

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How Am I Supposed to Lift Without You?

So it's down to The Situation, Brandy, and Michael. And Brandy and Maks are safe. As they're waiting to find out who's going home, The Situation goes over and shakes Michael's hand, which was kind of nice. And going home, to the surprise of absolutely no one, are Michael and Chelsie. Well, the people in Nebraska will be happy. That was kind of a spoiler. Michael says that he's surprised to be standing there. Really, dude? After those scores? And your attitude? And the fact that you have a concert scheduled during the next live show? Michael compliments Chelsie and the other dancers and stars. Michael looks really, really pissed off. I was kind of neutral on him before this show, but now I kind of think he's a dick.

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Dancing With The Stars




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