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Last week, Kyle got high scores and I'm not sure why. He's all style and no substance. Lacey is working with Kyle on his fitness and nutrition to improve his endurance, since they are doing the Quickstep. Lacey explains that she added some hip youthful moves to help Kyle connect to it. Oh, Len will hate that. Well, his posture is better. Way better. He does a good job of using his facial expressions and head movements to distract from his lack of technique. He needs to point his toes once in a while.

Bruno tells him he's a powerhouse performer, but he needs to have control over his movements, especially in ballroom. Carrie Ann loved the "new school" of quickstep. She has a crush on him. It's blinding her to the reality of his dancing. Len thinks Lacey's dress was distracting, and Kyle was flat-footed and lacked style. But Len liked it anyway. Kyle's giggle is annoying. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 7 for a total of 22. What is Carrie Ann's problem? Kyle yells out that he's going to have a pizza, no matter what Lacey says. He's a good role model for children.

Kurt did better than most expected last week, though Len wasn't a fan. Kurt clearly got some caps or veneers recently. His teeth are too big and white for his face now. While they rehearse, Kurt offers up some suggestions for the dance. Anna shoots most of them down, but Kurt thinks she appreciates it because at least he's into the dance. They're doing the jive to "Danger Zone" from Top Gun. I think Kurt just did the moonwalk. Or tried to. Kurt is pretty light on his feet, and his kicks are nice and high. Take note, Margaret. And he points his toes most of the time. He's actually pretty good! I mean, let's not get crazy. He's not great. But he's better than I expected and he puts a little flair into his moves.

Judges? Carrie Ann loved it and thinks he has great musicality and ease on the floor. Len thinks it was much improved, and he just needs to be a little sharper. Bruno points out that it flowed so easily, and he had great hand placement. Seriously, Kurt could win this thing. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Hmm. I thought it was a little better than that, but I appreciate that the judges aren't going nuts with the high scores this early.

So last week, The Situation had a lot of attitude, but not much in the way of technique. Will he do better this week with more rehearsal time? Well, he claims that he's working hard, and Karina is really pushing him, but his rehearsal footage doesn't look too great. And he's still way pigeon-toed. He is very light on his feet but this is just not his routine. He has great posture, at least. But he kind of just looks like he's flailing his arms and legs about. And I think he forgot a bunch of steps in the middle. And the attitude that carried him last week is completely absent. Oof.

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