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Bruno thought it was compelling and touching. Really? The idea was, maybe, but the execution was lacking. Carrie Ann thought it was beautifully acted. I apparently have a heart of stone. Len thought they danced with their hearts. Maybe it played differently in the room. Backstage, Audrina says something nonsensical about the troops and their families. Can't everyone see that they're just pandering here? It's gross. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 26. Also, Tony really did wax his legs.

Bristol and Mark: They have the foxtrot this week and, in rehearsals, Bristol has a hard time not getting the giggles. So their story is that Mark is homeless and Bristol walks by him? And then they rip off their clothes and they're wearing a tuxedo and gown? What the ham and eggs is going on here? Anyway, their dance is pretty good. Not great. Bristol still doesn't have the commitment to her moves that she needs. She occupies this middle ground where she's not terrible, but she's not great either. She's mediocre. And I still don't understand what that story was about. The choreography looks ridiculously easy, too.

Carrie Ann thought her movements were beautiful, but her story didn't come through because she lacked facial expression. Mark explains that the story was about helping someone who is down on his luck. Oh...kay? Len knows that he told them last week to take a chance, and they did, and he didn't like it. Sorry about that. Bruno thought the execution of the dance was good, but she needs to work on expressing emotion in the dance. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 7 for a total of 19. I still can't believe that the judges think she is better than Margaret. I don't even think she's technically better, and I know she's not a better performer. Maybe Mark is just better at choreographing around his partner.

Brandy and Maks: Brandy complains that last week's package made it look like she and Maks argue all the time, and people also thought she threw Maks under the bus during judging, because she totally did. So this week, she vows to shut up and listen and learn, so she puts tape on her mouth. They decide to base their dance on The Bodyguard. In this week's rehearsals, Brandy takes Maks's abuse without complaint. So now it looks like Maks is a big bully instead of that she's kind of a bitch. So that's an improvement? Their dance does tell a story, but it also falls victim to that syndrome where there is story at the beginning and the end and just regular dancing in the middle. Brandy looks good, and weirdly, I don't like how Maks does the routine. Sometimes he overdances a little bit? Like overexaggerates his movements to the point where they look weird? But I guess he's not being judged, right? I'm surprised they don't do a samba roll; I'm sure Brandy could handle it.

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