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Bruno is going to talk about Bristol. He admires her guts, and compliments her musicality and coordination. He does think that she needs to work on her performing ability, and her ability to sell the dance. And of course, she needs to work on being comfortable with being sexy. I almost wish she, or someone in her circle, would do an interview about how being sexy doesn't mean having sex, and that it's okay to be sexy and feel sexy while being abstinent. But that might not go down well with her mom's followers, so I guess it won't happen. Bruno thinks her best dance was the quickstep. I still don't get how she's getting higher scores than Kurt.

Florence, according to Len, is a consummate entertainer. He admires her timing, but admits that she won't be able to compete with the youngsters in the flashiness department. Len thinks that she can compete with them in her footwork and technical ability, so she should emphasize that. And gross, he thinks their best dance was the rumba. Blech.

I really wish they had done three critiques, then three dances, and followed that pattern. I don't mind all the critiques, but I have to watch the show. I feel like other people will tune out for the first hour and then come back for the actual dancing. Right?

Len wants to tell us that Rick and Cheryl can really dance, and he's surprised by the fact that Len isn't awkward, given his height. Len thinks that Rick can improve his posture and his speed. And did you know that Rick can't touch his shoulders due to injuries he sustained during his basketball days? So Len thinks he needs to work on his mobility, and we'll see more dances like his awesome samba.

Carrie Ann is back to talk to us about Jennifer and Derek. Even though Jennifer is fifty, Carrie Ann is impressed with her fire and tenacity. Carrie Ann is also impressed with the difficulty of the choreography they're doing, as well. The problem is that Jennifer is really emotional and can psych herself out, like she did during story week. In addition, she's got neck problems already, and Carrie Ann worries that she will get hurt. And her best dance was her Argentine tango. It really was. Watching it again, I am still impressed.

FINALLY! The show actually starts with the introduction of the couples. Brandy and Maks are up first, and Maks tells her that they have the Friends theme for their routine. Maks and Brandy work really hard to convince us that they are friends now. Does anyone really care? Ew. In one of the scenes, Maks is clean-shaved and he looks really, really weird. And then another commercial before they dance? WTF, show? Anyway, they finally dance, and it's pretty good, although there's a whole sequence at the beginning where they're sitting in the audience, and then a whole sequence in the end where they're sitting in the audience and I wish there was more dancing. But it's fast and chipper and fun.

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