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Season 11 Performance 6

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Rock and Roll All Night

So now there are four couples left, which means they are free to move about the dance floor instead of staying in their designated spots. Derek does a back handspring or something and almost falls down, but meanwhile Kyle and Lacey are kind of just walking around the floor, and they are the next out. Audrina and Tony look a little lost and they go out next. So it's down to Brandy and Jennifer. Derek and Jennifer seem to be doing more stunts while Brandy and Maks are just dancing and pointing at the crowd, and somehow they win. I don't know. That was lame overall. It's impossible to tell who was doing what. And the song by ZZ Top was really low energy. The judges explain that no one was coasting, but they thought Brandy and Maks were doing actual choreography.

So the marathon didn't move anyone up or down the scoreboard, expect that it put Rick and Kyle into a tie, and same with Bristol and Jennifer. And it widened the gap between Kurt and Anna and everyone else. Hmm. Kurt might go home. Or it could be Bristol. I don't think it will be Jennifer. We'll find out tomorrow night.


Brandy and Maks: 26 + 10 = 36

Audrina and Tony: 24 + 8 = 32

Rick and Cheryl: 24 + 6 = 30

Kyle and Lacey: 23 + 7 = 30

Bristol and Mark: 24 + 5 = 29

Jennifer and Derek: 20 + 9 = 29

Kurt and Anna: 18 + 4 = 22

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