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Season 11 Performance 7

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Return of the Champions (And Near Champions)
, if it would have been different for her.

So how does their routine turn out? One bad thing about the clip packages is that they taint my viewing experience. Like all I'm seeing is Jennifer being exhausted. Jennifer doesn't overdo it this week, but she's almost too understated in some places. But her technique is amazing, and she really does look like a pro at times. It wasn't my favorite routine, but that's not her fault. Carrie Ann tells her that everyone loves to see someone come back, and Jennifer did that. Len thinks that Jennifer vented her frustration in that tango. Drew thinks that Jennifer needs to trust her partner to make it all the way. Bruno thinks that Jennifer should have confidence in herself, because he sees her abilities. Scores: Drew 10, Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

You guys, Bristol needs to go home this week. She can't hang anymore. Please. Make it happen. Here are their scores:

Brandy and Maks: 27 + 37 = 64

Jennifer and Derek: 27 + 37 = 64

Kurt and Anna: 27 + 34 = 61

Rick and Cheryl: 24 + 37 = 61

Kyle and Lacey: 24 + 35 = 59

Bristol and Mark: 24 + 34 = 58

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