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Brooke has on a lot of eyeshadow tonight. I feel like if I notice your eyeshadow, you're doing it wrong. Whoa, all four couples are up on stage as Tom quickly reviews what happened to each last night. They cut to Jennifer and Derek who are hugging and dancing a little. Then they cut to Brandy and Maks who are completely stone-faced, and Brandy looks like she swallowed a bug. Do they know they are going home? Did they have a fight right before the show started? I mean, they look horrible. Lacey and Kyle are giggling as usual, and Bristol looks nervous and Mark is standing behind her with his head on her shoulder, which just makes him look like more of a peewee than usual. Don't do that, Mark. And don't put your hand on Bristol's tummy, because that's her problem area. She should smack him.

Len announces that the encore tonight will be Maks and Brandy's Argentine tango. Maybe that's why they looked so serious? Because they were prepping for their routine? I'm still really amazed by the work they do on the stairs at the beginning. Those stairs are not wide. You can tell by how Maks has to put his feet kind of sideways. Brandy looks like she's having a little more fun with it tonight and Maks gives her a kiss on the cheek at the end. I'm starting to think they are going home, and they know it. Hmm, now that their routine is over, they are dancing along to the theme music, so maybe I'm making too much out of their expressions at the opening.

Annie Lennox is on hand to perform a new song, "Universal Child." She has a holiday album out? To iTunes! Two dancers come out and do a modern routine that's really beautiful but, as I've said before, I watch this show for ballroom and Latin dances, and if it's going to be modern, I'd rather see something more hip hop like Jabbawockeez or something. Annie is clearly singing live, and she has a lovely voice, but she's a little pitchy. Isn't it weird to think that she started out in Eurythmics singing "Sweet Dreams" and now she's this supremely talented vocalist? Goes to show that you never know.

Clip package where the stars talk about what doing the show has taught them about themselves. I'll just tell you what they've learned, and you can guess who learned what: confidence, perseverance, physical discipline, respect for the profession of dancing, being well-rounded, strength and tenacity. Blah. Is this the Olympics all of a sudden?

First up to hear some results are Jennifer and Derek. You may have heard, they earned two perfect scores last night. When they show the segments where we hear what the pro is saying to the star, it's on film instead of video, and it kind of makes me wish the whole show could be that way. It's not possible because it's live, but it looks so beautiful. Anyway, after the commercial break, we find out Jennifer and Derek's fate. And they are... safe. They are going to the finals. That wasn't exactly shocking.

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