Dancing With The Stars
Season 12 Performance 1

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Don't You Forget About Me

Well. I worried that this season would be boring, but this was anything but. I think we've got serious contenders in Kirstie, Ralph, Chelsea, and Hines. Romeo could be good if he lets go of his inhibitions, and one of the others might surprise us next week with a different style of dance. It is on, ladies and gents. See you next week.


Ralph and Karina: 24

Kirstie and Maks: 23

Chelsea and Mark: 21

Hines and Kym: 21

Romeo and Chelsie: 19

Chris and Cheryl: 19

Petra and Dmitry: 18

Kendra and Louis: 18

Sugar Ray and Anna: 17

Wendy and Tony: 14

Mike and Lacey: 13

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Dancing With The Stars




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