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The show opens with Tom Bergeron throwing it to a performance by some of the pros: Lacey, Anna, Cheryl, Maks, Louis and Dmitry. Six other dancers that I don't recognize join them. It's short, colorful, and energetic, which is what you want in an opening number. When it's over, Tom explains that Maks choreographed it, and the six newcomers were the show's new professional troupe, and we will learn more about them later. Okay, then. Brooke joins him, and she has some ill-advised bangs. They don't make her any more interesting. She is just so boring. At least Samantha was sort of goofy sometimes. Brooke is just a robot.

It's time to recap some of what happened last night, starting with the three athletes. Hines Ward was really amazing. Jericho improved hugely over last week. Sugar Ray Leonard got poor marks from Len, and Anna spun it that Len expected more from him. She's a good partner. I think she's right, but that was also a nice way to put it. And now we find out which of the male athletes are safe. No surprises here: Hines and Chris Jericho are safe. Sugar Ray has to wait to hear his fate.

Chris Brown is here to perform. I am not a supporter of his, even though I think he's really talented. You know who wrote a really amazing open letter about Chris Brown and his problems, and why he needs to seek out help? Kevin Powell from the first season of Real World, whom you may recall had his own highly visible issues with anger and violence as a young man. It's really long, but worth reading. I thought he had a take on it that was informed by his experience, and different from the typical "tsk tsk" or "all y'all haters" posts I saw elsewhere last week.

Time for another round of recaps and results, this time for the actors. Kirstie and Maks kissed at the end of their dance. They did? I kind of get the vibe that Maks is sort of amused by Kirstie, but not nearly as amused as she thinks he is. He seems to tolerate her, and he's probably glad he didn't get a stick in the mud. Anyway, the whole segment is about their kiss, which I barely noticed, but Kirstie seems to want to think is a big controversy. Whatever. Chelsea and Mark took a risk. Well, Mark took a risk. Doesn't it seem like he's always the one behind people taking a risk and getting marked down for it? Shouldn't he have learned by now? Ralph took his criticism in stride and just hoped to put it behind him and move ahead to the next dance. So out of this trio, Ralph and Kirstie are safe. And hey, Chelsea is safe too. So they're not going to make them wait.

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