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Brooke is backstage with the three safe actors. Chelsea says that she hopes to go a little more traditional next week, and Mark says he'll obey the law of the judges next week. Okay, let's not blame the judges. It's the show. That you are on. It's about ballroom and Latin dancing. So that's what you should do, and that's what you will be judged on. Let's not act like THE MAN is keeping Mark down, and he's like Kevin Bacon in Footloose or something. Ugh. Ralph says he's holding up physically, although his hair is looking really goofy. I think his rug is askew. That is a rug, right? Kirstie jokes that not much was going through her mind while she waited to hear the results, because she was waving to her friends. I've had about enough of her too.

So we're going to see this Dancing with the Stars troupe each week on the results show. Do I really need to learn about six new people now? Like, am I going to learn anything about their personalities or just watch them dance? Because if it's the latter, then why bother with the profiles? I also wonder what the existing pros thinks about this; from what I understand, they get paid by the week, and if they get eliminated, they don't get paid. UNLESS, they get asked back to do one of the pro routines, and then they do get paid for that. Except now they will have less opportunity to do those extra routines, presumably. I would be a little annoyed. Anyway, the new troupe comes out and does a routine to "Dance To The Music" by Sly and the Family Stone. They're good, but one of the things I usually enjoy about the pro routines is I like to watch the interactions between the pros and imagine backstories, and think about who likes which partners and who doesn't. It's dumb, but it's the same reason I watch the closing credits of Saturday Night Life: to see who stands with which friends, who hugs, who gets blown off, etc. I don't have much in life. Let me have that.

The next round of recaps and results deals with the young men. Romeo was really nervous before his routine. Like he said he might pee in his pants. Mike and Lacey have fun together, but that doesn't help the fact that he really can't dance. I mean, he did well given his lack of natural ability. When it's time for results, we learn that Romeo is safe, and Mike has to wait to find out his fate. Lacey hams it up like, "Oh, no! I hope I don't have to wait!" But sarcastic. Tom totally calls her on being an asshole, thankfully. She bugs.

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