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Do the couples this season have chemistry? Mike and Lacey do. Kirstie and Maks think they do. Ralph feeds off Karina's energy, as Romeo does with Chelsie. Louis has learned to speak in a way that Kendra understands. Wendy entertains Tony, because she's unpredictable. She burps, but her burps are weak sauce, if you ask me. Anna is a stern taskmaster, and so is Cheryl. Petra is kind of boring. Chelsea and Mark are silly together. Hines thinks Kym pays too much attention to his butt, but she knows how to coach him.

Oh, look. Chris Brown is back. I found it interesting that various people on the show spoke out against having him perform. Cheryl, herself a past victim of domestic abuse, said that she didn't want him on the show, but it wasn't her call. Good for her for speaking out, and I guess it's good that the show let her, although the cynical side of me wonders if the show's PR put that quote out there to try to have it both ways. And Tom Bergeron said that, given the opportunity, he would ask Chris Brown some tough questions, so he expected that the producers would keep him away from the "talent." It's sad, because I remember when Chris Brown did that performance on MTV at an awards show where he danced like Michael Jackson and was climbing on tables and I remember thinking, "Whoa! Who is this guy? He's going to be a star." It's sad when someone's demons get in the way of their talent.

Brooke is backstage with the remaining women. Petra says something boring. Seriously, she is dull. Wendy claims that she thought they should have gotten 10s, but she says it like she could not care less, and I'm really disappointed in her lack of personality, since she usually has so much of it. Kendra says she's not as nervous tonight as she was last night, and Louis says it will get worse when she has to stand up on the podium and hear results. I don't think I realized last night how horrible Kendra's dress is. It's a blue spangly prom dress with long purple gloves, and a purple band around the top. Blue and purple? Really?

And then those three do take the podium to hear their results. Kendra is safe, and she (pretends?) to smell her armpit to see if she was sweating. I think she's trying to follow the Jenny McCarthy, but it's not working for me, probably because I can't stand Jenny McCarthy. Petra is also safe, but Wendy has to wait to hear if she's going home or not.

Hey, I just realized that there was no encore dance tonight. What's up with that? Is it because of Chris Brown or the new pro troupe or what? I hope that's not permanent. I like the encore dance. So Wendy, Mike and Sugar Ray are all still in jeopardy. The first couple that is still safe is Wendy and Tony. Wendy makes a heart with her hands to tell the voters that she loves them.

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