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Well, the dance definitely has a lot of energy but that's mostly because Mark is taking forty-five steps when he could take three. Seriously, what kind of energy drink did he mainline backstage? It's so distracting. Remember the part where the pros are supposed to highlight their partners? Mark obviously doesn't. Chelsea still looks kind of uncomfortable (and ungraceful) when she's doing solo work shaking her hips, and Mark is over the top with his facial expressions. Chelsea does a lot better in hold. I think she could be really great with a different partner. Bruno thinks it was tasty, but you know, he yells about it a lot. Carrie Ann says she's a big fan of that cha cha cha, and calls Chelsea "a little baby Julianne." Len thinks it's Chelsea's best dance. You know, of the three she's done so far. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8 and Bruno 8. I wish one of the judges had told Mark to cool it down.

Last week, Chris Jericho did really well with his quickstep. This week, he has decided to dance to "Let It Be" in honor of his mom. He tells Cheryl about how, when he first started in wrestling, his mom got in a car accident. Chris was going to quit wrestling to take care of her, but she refused to let him do that. Her health deteriorated and she died in 2005, and he played this song at her funeral. Chris adds that his real name is Chris Irvine, and for the first time, that's who we're going to see tonight instead of Chris Jericho, so he can pay tribute to his mom. You guys, I'm touched. Cynical old me is touched.

Let's hope the rumba is as good as the story behind it. I just noticed that when the announcer said their names, he said Chris Irvine. I seriously don't know how he's dancing right now. My mom also passed away in 2005, and if I watched that clip package and then had to look at a picture of her and listen to her favorite song? I would be a heap on the floor. He does a beautiful job, though. You can see the tenderness in his movements and facial expressions. His movements could be more fluid, and his hip action could be better, but you can tell he's really feeling it. Aw. Carrie Ann is crying and she says that his hip action was a little strange but the emotion was there. Len notes that Cheryl choreographed around his problems with his arms, but his poses were excellent. Bruno thought it was vulnerable, but he needs to learn to move from one pose to the other better. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 7.

Kendra wants to tell the story of her relationship with her husband, NFL player Hank Baskett. She could totally be on The Bachelor with her grasp of grammar, as she talks about "Hank and I's relationship." She tells the tale that there was a billboard of Hank in his hometown that said "Hometown Hero" but when news broke that he was dating Kendra, they took it down. Really? Did that really happen? It wasn't that the contract ran out on the billboard? That sounds like one of those small town gossip stories that could be true but probably isn't. Hank comes to visit the rehearsal. I kind of wish he was on the show instead of her, although they both seem pretty, well, dumb.

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