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Hines has got that samba bounce DOWN. He is on it. I still say he reminds me more of Apolo even though everyone compares him to Emmitt Smith. Anyway, he has got the moves, and he looks great. There are a few missteps, including one near the end where I think Kym slips, but overall it's great and fun, and he's just got a huge personality and he can dance. Love it. And his mom is there, which is adorable. The judges loved it. It's not even worth detailing what each says, because they all say the same thing: Hines knows how to shake it. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8 and Bruno 8. I think that's the first 9 of the season, right?

Petra is obviously going to have a story about the tsunami. I know some people will think that she's exploiting her experience, but seriously, I have to imagine that when something like that happens to you, it does inform the rest of your life. She talks about the song "You Raise Me Up," and how she listened to it when she went back to the site of the tsunami and decided to start a foundation to help the children of the area. So Dmitry is trying to choreograph an angelic, hopeful waltz.

Well, it's very pretty. I found it kind of boring, but it was very beautiful. I really can't find much more to say about it than that. Although I think there was a lift but Carrie Ann didn't say anything, so I guess not. Len says that it had grace and fluidity. He adds that he loves this season because he comes into each night thinking he knows who will get high scores, and he's wrong every week. Bruno thinks Petra dances like an angel, and she was much improved. Carrie Ann thought Petra really showed her heart, and she's an inspiration. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9 and Bruno 8.

Sugar Ray was told by the judges that he needs to put more punch into his feet. So his story this week is about beating the odds, and showing that he can do it even when everyone doubts it. They are doing the paso doble, and Anna has trouble getting Sugar Ray to be intimidating, which seems odd, since he's a boxer and all.

They get the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" guy to announce Sugar Ray and he comes out in his robe and gloves. Bah. I hate gimmicks. This is the most boring paso doble of all time. It seems like a lot of walking around and not much actual dancing. Sugar Ray does manage to try to be intimidating, but his posture is horrible. He's got the attitude, but he's still not a good dancer. Bruno thinks Sugar Ray is back in business, but he thinks Ray needs to work on his lines. Carrie Ann thinks there was a lot of improvement. Len thinks that this is the first week that Ray beat the dance instead of the dance beating him. Am I just in a bad mood or something? Why are they loving these dances that I find really boring? Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6 and Bruno 7.

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