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Kirstie is thrilled that she gets to do the rumba this week, because it's slower. She tells Maks her story: when she first moved to LA, she got cast in Star Trek the same week that her parents were hit by a drunk driver. Her mom died and her father almost did, but she had to keep going on and her career started to take off. So she's dancing to "Over the Rainbow" because she thinks it's all about hoping for better things to come. During rehearsals, Maks tries to get her to be sexy, but she can't do it without laughing. Hmm. I would have thought Kirstie would be bawdier than that. She did famously thank her then-husband Parker Stevenson for giving her "the big one" all those years. Kirstie explains that she sees it more as being vulnerable than being sexy, and vulnerable is a tough place to be for a lot of people.

Oh, it's sad. The rumba starts off beautifully, and I have really high hopes. But then Maks is dragging Kirstie across the floor, and I don't know if he hyperextended his knee or what, but he totally drops her on the floor. Which is terrible for anyone, but you know everyone's going to think it's because of Kirstie's weight. Maks can't put any weight on it at first, but he asks for a second and the music continues. Soon, he's right back in it and for the second half, you wouldn't even know he's was injured. He really powers through it. He explains to Tom at the end that his thigh just gave out. Carrie Ann thinks that something magical happened out of a tragedy. Really, tragedy? Let's not overstate it. Len loved that they got through it. Bruno thought it was better than ever after she got up. Plus, people are going to vote for them, because they feel bad, don't you think? I also think Maks is hurting a lot more than he's showing, and he states backstage that it had nothing to do with Kirstie. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 7. Kirstie acts upset about the scores. As the numbers are announced, Maks practically runs off camera and Tony and Cheryl quickly follow. I think he might be really hurt. I'm nervous.

Ralph Macchio is the last one to dance this week. He explains that the song "Stay Gold" from The Outsiders was very meaningful to him, and it was his wedding song with his wife Phyllis. They show wedding footage from 1987, and Ralph looks about fourteen. I hope that Ralph takes the money he's earning each week on this show and puts it towards a better wig, because the one he's got is terrible. Anyway, he dedicates this rumba to his wife, and it's sweet how devoted he still seems. At least publicly.

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