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So this rumba is nice. I might be rumba'd out, after all of the rumbas this evening. You guys, I have watched The Outsiders more than a few times, and I do not remember this song at all. AT ALL. It's terrible. It's so 1980s. Ralph still has the problem of making the moves a bit too quickly and ahead of the beat, and his hip action is bad at times. However, some of his poses are very nice. He has the opposite problem of Chelsea; he does better in hold than out of it. At the end, he goes over and kisses his wife and high fives his son. I dig that his family looks like any family you'd see at the mall. Like his son is a little awkward. Len thinks the routine needs a little refinement, but overall it was appealing. Bruno needs Ralph to treat Karina like a woman and not like she's too hot to handle. Carrie Ann thought it was sweet, and then the judges all start yelling over one another. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 7. For all their arguing, the judges agreed on their scores.

I note that Maks, Tony and Cheryl are not back in the interview room while Ralph is talking. But in the very end when Tom reviews the scores, they are all back out there and Maks is smiling, so who knows? Here are the scores:

Hines and Kym: 25

Petra and Dmitry: 25

Chelsea and Mark: 23

Kendra and Louis: 23

Chris and Cheryl: 21

Kirstie and Maks: 21

Ralph and Karina: 21

Romeo and Chelsie: 20

Sugar Ray and Anna: 20

Wendy and Tony: 15

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, then see who we think will win!

Watch Maksim explain his fall in this video interview.

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