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Jennifer Hudson is there to perform "I Remember Me." She has some very, very high heels on. Like she can barely walk, and she's starting in the audience and walking out across the dance floor, which might not have been her best idea. I'm really worried she might fall. She finally gets to the stage and Louis and Karina come out to do a samba while she sings. I will say that those heels make Jennifer Hudson's legs look eight miles long.

Brooke is backstage to talk to some more contestants. Romeo says he's going to do research for his next dance because he's a college student. Brooke just lets that go. WTF is he talking about? Brooke asks Petra how she and Dmitry (furriners) will be able to handle American week. Petra says they'll ask for help. God, these questions are dumb. Chris Jericho at least makes jokes about how he wishes his scores were better, but he also wishes the economy was better and what are you gonna do? Quick flashback to last night: Jericho was happy that his scores were not going down from previous weeks. Romeo and Chelsie thought they were connecting, and were disappointed by Carrie Ann's score, which was a 7. Petra whatever. I mean, she seems very nice and sweet, but she's kind of boring. So which of these three are safe? Chris Jericho! Romeo! But Petra is in jeopardy. Meaningless.

I thought we were done with the Macy's Stars of Dance now that we have the pro troupe? Guess not, because next up, we have some ballerinas or something. But first! Brooke and her cue card (she needs a card for these dumb questions) have to go backstage and interview Kirstie, Sugar Ray and Kendra. Kirstie and Maks are their typical selves, although less awkward than last week. They seem to be taking the attitude of, "What can we do? Can you believe this shit?" which is probably the best tack. Sugar Ray thinks he did a good job. Kendra says she was off because she got her period. No, she really said that. First of all, women blaming their period is the reason why we haven't had a woman president yet. As if Kendra didn't set the women's movement back a million years by every other action she's ever taken, now this. Gah.

Clip package. What inspires the pros to choregraph their routines? They feel a lot of pressure to innovate since the audiences have seen it all at this point. They watch movies. They teach classes. They look at other types of dancing. They try to tell a story. They take risks. They want to win. Thanks for more useless information. Seriously, some weeks could the results show just be thirty minutes? When they don't have anything to fill it?

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