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Kendra did a sexy rumba last week but this week, she has to do the Viennese waltz. She actually pretends to vomit at the mention of classical music and ballroom dancing. That's charming. Boy, she's a real charmer, huh? I think I watched like five minute of her show one time and wasn't enticed to go back, and now I know why. So their song is in Italian, which gives Kendra the idea to dress up like a mafia (wife?) or something, because she loves the mafia. No, she loves Scarface and Goodfellas and The Sopranos and she thinks the bad guys are really the heroes, and she's an idiot. Poor Louis.

You'd think Kendra would recognize this song as the one they play at the fountain at the Bellagio in Vegas. Um, not that I know it from that or anything. So their waltz is technically pretty good, but there is no character from Kendra. And any time they have to go into a trick (mostly spins), she tenses up and ruins it. Their last trick is their best, definitely, but she lets the prospect of the tricks throw her, mentally, and she never gets into character. She just seems like Kendra, gritting her teeth through a routine she doesn't want to do. Bruno urges her to become the character, and Kendra shoots back that she would if she had more than four days to practice. Yeah, because everyone else had weeks and weeks. Shut it, Kendra. Carrie Ann thinks Kendra is afraid of elegance, and Kendra says, "I just don't care about it." Ugh, she is the worst person. She's like one of those snotty teen moms. Len thinks they have to remember that she's a beginner and Kendra talks over him to thank him for giving her that credit. Could she just be a little bit gracious? Is that so much to ask? I hate her. I like people that are down to earth and real, but she's just trashy and rude. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6.

Sugar Ray and Anna have to do the waltz this week. Sugar Ray is upset that they can't incorporate boxing like they did last week, and Anna says that he has to enter her world of the Russian ballet now. Anna really cracks down because they have a short time to learn the dance, and then she takes him to ballet class. See, that's a field trip that actually makes sense. Unlike basketball or dolphins or whatever.

Anna comes out dressed like a ballerina and Sugar Ray meets up with her. Anna dances so beautifully, and she knows how to choreograph around him. It's a charming little number, but Sugar Ray doesn't have a whole lot to do but stand there while she spins. And when he does dance, his hands are terrible. His posture does seem better, though. Judges? Carrie Ann thinks that Sugar Ray sparkled, and while his technique wasn't great, he charmed her. Len says he didn't love the beginning, but the more they got into it, he was smiling, and he was thoroughly entertained. Bruno also admits that it wasn't perfect technically, but it was still entertaining and an improvement over last week. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. His highest score so far.

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