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Heavy Petra-ing

Tom and Brooke rightly note that they got off easy on that package as they introduce this week's Macy's American Dream, choreographed by and starring Step Up's Jamal Sims and set to Janelle Monae's "Tightrope." And this, my friends, is why professional choreographers exist. It's a five-minute New Yorkstravaganza that goes from a man's arrival to the city to his rise to the top. Seriously, he goes from jeans and tank top to a three-piece suit. It's like a 2011 version of Singin' in the Rain's "Broadway Melody". Seriously, watch it online.

Finally under the gun for elimination are the three couples who tied for last place. Petra says she's distracted by Maks. Kendra is proud to have been the 1,000th dance. And Ralph thinks dancing first may have hurt him since he was the one setting the bar for the night. We see a clip package of their performances as they head out to the stage. Petra apologized to Dmitry right after their performance. Ralph asked whether Bruno had "fire down below" and promised to bring more sex if Bruno brings the right scores. And, even though Louis ripped his pants right before their performance, Kendra thought she did her best job yet. But was it enough? The first couple deemed safe is Ralph and Karina. Also safe? Kendra and Louis. Which means Petra and Dmitry are in the bottom three.

During the commercial break, an audience member gave Len a Grumpy muggy from Snow White. And speaking of grumps, it's time for another Toby Keith performance. Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya perform a lyrical, lovely rumba-waltz fusion to his "American Soldier."

After Toby Keith's performance, we get a package of the judges' midseason critiques. Len says Kendra has potential, but her biggest challenge is mental. Carrie Ann thinks Petra doesn't transition well from one move to another. She thinks Hines should take more risks. Len and Carrie Ann both think Chris lacks musicality. Chelsea has been the biggest risk taker of the season, which means she could go a long way. Len says Ralph needs to be more fluid to be a contender. Carrie Ann thinks Kirstie's biggest problem is her stamina. Bruno says Romeo needs control to complement his passion.

Now back to the elimination. Petra and Dmitry have fallen far from two weeks ago, when they were at the top of the leader board. Both Chris and Cheryl, and Kirstie and Maks are in the bottom despite scoring their highest marks yet. So who's safe? It's Kirstie and Maks. Thank you, Dance Doctor Travolta!

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