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Next up are Chris and Cheryl, who divided the judging panel with their paso doble last week. Chris vows to score better than a 7 from Len this week, and Cheryl says that technique is the way to do so well. They will be dancing a Viennese Waltz to "America, The Beautiful." Chris such a symbolic anthem is a lot of pressure and compares the spinning in the Viennese Waltz to the Gravitron at your average county fair.

Chris marches onto the stage in a navy uniform. He and Cheryl meet in the center, and she's wearing a red version of J. Lo's infamous Grammy dress, thankfully with a bra underneath. The arrangement is predictably riff-heavy and bombastic, but it's a simple dance but it shows what a strong partner Chris is. He has particularly lovely arm extension. There isn't much to criticize, save that maybe he's a little too smiley for a seemingly serious number. Oh yeah, and there are blazing sparklers going off on stage at the end as Chris and Cheryl hug like reunited lovers. Zoinks. Bruno calls it big yet graceful, strong yet delicate, elegant with a sweet sense of romance. In short, wonderful. Carrie Ann says they've underestimated Chris until now. Len starts off on a pervy note, commenting on Cheryl's exposed tee-tahs. He tells Chris it was a little bit flat-footed and that he'll get an 8 when he deserves one. This kind of makes me think he'll get an 8. Back in the red room, Chris is shocked that we're halfway through the competition and feels good about his dance. Carrie Ann awards them a 9, Len gives them an 8, and Bruno scores then a 9 for a total of 26 points -- Chris's highest score yet.

Petra and Dmitry are up next. They topped the leader board two weeks ago and slayed it on their paso doble last week. Now it's a quick step to "Viva Las Vegas," a song that Petra has never heard because she grew up under the Communist regime of the Czech Republic. Dmitry's biggest criticism is that Petra is too bouncy. Before she takes the stage, she adds a coda, thanking America for all the opportunities she has gotten in this country. Alas, she does not say, "Thank you, thankyouverymuch."

Bring on the Elvis! The action starts with Dmitry at a craps table. Petra is a fancy lady walking by who grabs his attention. The song is slowed down and seems a little boring at first, then a little too fast for Petra in some of the later moments. Petra has overcompensated for her bouncy tendencies by stiffening up, which is not necessarily for the best. But she settles in eventually and by the end looks to be having fun. Especially when she gets to throw some chips in the air. Weeee! Carrie Ann says Petra has taken a step back -- she stumbled and wasn't musically in sync. Before Len can even speak, the crowd is booing. He thinks Petra coped well enough, though her head sometimes lists to the left. He tells her she has potential. Bruno disagrees with the other judges. He thinks, considering the difficulty of the dance, Petra was like "the golden goddess of Spain." She has "lines that could rival Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini all together." He thought the handling was sometimes dodgy, but the quality was overall very good. In the red room, Petra admits she was distracted and is disappointed in herself but still thanks America for the support. Score time: Carrie Ann awards them a 7, Len follows suit, and Bruno scores them an 8, for a total of 22 points.

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