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Brooke is backstage with Ralph, Romeo and Chelsea. She points out that if Ralph is going through, he'll have to do three potential dances next week. Ralph says he's healing, and that's the best he can hope for. Brooke asks Romeo how confident he feels tonight, and Romeo says he loves everyone. And he's doing it for the kids. Chelsea says she's not feeling confident, and she doesn't want to see anyone go home. I am enjoying the lack of drama this season. No Kate Gosselin, no Bristol Palin. It lets me focus on how much I hate Mark.

There's this family, and they are inspired by dance. All the kids take dance lessons. And then their dad had a stroke and died, so the oldest brother went on tour as a professional dancer to help support the family. And tonight, the three brothers will be dancing together. I don't know. The little one is not that good. I'm KIDDING! He's ELEVEN! He just has to be cute, which he is. But seriously, he's bringing the rest of the group down. KIDDING! His DAD DIED. Even I am not that horrible (Note: I am that horrible).

Delta Goodrum is back to sing "Natural Woman" because Adele was supposed to sing it but she's having vocal issues. She is NO Aretha Franklin. Or Carole King for that matter. Remember on VH1 Divas, when Aretha sang this with Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Mariah Carey? And Aretha just started singing everyone else's lines? Because she rules. Anyway, Louis and Cheryl come out and do a lovely rumba. I miss having Cheryl in the competition. I wish she were still in it instead of boring Chelsie and Romeo. Chelsie seems nice enough, but she's pretty bland.

Time for more DanceCenter. First up this time is Ralph Macchio. They make a couple of Karate Kid jokes (original!) and talk about how he still looks like a nerdy kid. When they talk about Hines, Kenny pretends that he thinks Kym Johnson is actually Shawn Johnson. That fell flat. They make fun of Hines dancing with a pillow. That's the whole joke: he dances with a pillow. Finally, they get to Chelsea, and all they have to make fun of are her various costumes. And then all three of the men shake hands. Seriously, what was that? Could they hire some writers, please? That was, as Charles Barkley would say, turrrible.

Adele is able to sing her own song, and I get the explanation that she's having trouble with her upper register because "Natural Woman" is a tough song to sing. But it does seem a bit cheesy that she is able to sing the song on the album she's here to promote. Some dancers come out. Wait, is this the pro dance troupe? Whatever happened to them? I don't think they have danced in a few weeks, or if they have, they weren't introduced as such. I guess the producers realized that no one cared about them.

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