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Time to look back at Ralph's performances last night. He admitted to Karina after their first routine that it hurt like hell, and that she would need to carry him through the Instant Dance. You can see in the confessional that Ralph's makeup doesn't extend down to his chest. Someone should really have noticed that. What about Chelsea and Mark? They got great scores for their first dance, and Chelsea had a lot of fun in the second dance. And as for Romeo, Len told him that he upped his game for his first dance, but they didn't fare as well in his second.

All three couples are now on stage to find out their results. Ralph and Karina are in jeopardy. I think they're going home, because the producers wouldn't put them through this if they were staying. Right? Romeo and Chelsie are also in jeopardy, but Chelsea and Mark are safe. Booooooo! I mean, with their scores, it would be tough to imagine them going home, but believe me, I imagined it. I still feel bad for Chelsea though.

So who is going home? After a bunch of rigamarole, Tom reveals that Romeo and Chelsie are going home. Ralph and Karina can't believe it. Brooke talks about how this is so, so hard. Oh, yeah. It's hard for her. Romeo says that he did a great dance last night, but the competition is fierce. Tom points out that Romeo is getting a standing ovation. Romeo says that he was terrified of dancing, and even turned down movie roles because of it. And of course, Romeo says that he did this to inspire the kids and teach them that anything is possible. And then he hits on Chelsie and gets in a plug for his Twitter and his movie. I didn't notice last night that Chelsie is wearing pleather arm warmers. That can't be comfortable. Anyway, see you next week for the semifinals!

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