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Romeo and Chelsie have the salsa. Romeo thinks he's an awesome dancer but Chelsie tells him he's got too much club dance in his salsa. She takes him to an actual salsa club to see how it's done. When they start their actual dance, Romeo looks pretty good and I'm impressed with his ability to stay in the salsa mode of "2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4." It's very Dirty Dancing. His posture is terrible though, probably because he's concentrating on the footwork so much. He gets a little lost near the end, and you can tell because he sticks his tongue out. Note to those scoring at home: when Romeo sticks his tongue out, it's usually because he's forgotten the steps or he has to concentrate really hard. They pull through without any major flubs, and I enjoyed watching that more than any Instant Dance so far, even though the technique wasn't great.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought it was casual and she noticed that they got out of sync at the end. Len thinks they got it right, and they acted like they were in a club, dancing. Bruno and Carrie Ann are apoplectic at Len pretending like he doesn't care about slip-ups. Bruno says that they definitely got the atmosphere right, but they lost the fluidity of movement. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 8.

So, as you remember, Ralph's knee fell off. They lamented that they have to do a cha cha for their Instant Dance and they have done zero preparation. Karina reminds Ralph that they did the cha cha in their team dance so if he can remember any of those moves, that's what they'll use. Oh, this is kind of sad. They start out with Ralph sitting on the stage pretending he can't dance because of his knee, and then Karina does the Mr. Miyagi rubbing hands together healing move and then he can dance! Which was actually a little bit clever. The routine as a whole is really slow and Ralph doesn't actually move his feet all that much. Near the end, they get out of sync but recover pretty well. It's not good, but it wasn't a total disaster. Karina has been doing this long enough that she knows how to make it look like her partner is actually doing something when he's not.

Len admires their perseverance, but he knows that something has to give with an injury. Bruno points out that there was no hip action, but commends Ralph under the circumstances. Carrie Ann is amazed that he pulled that off without any rehearsal, and she admires his chutzpah. The judges give Ralph a standing O as he leaves the floor. I think he'll be fine. People will vote for him. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Ralph says he's just happy to have made it through the two dances and hopes he'll be able to return, healed.

Maks and Kirstie have the salsa this week. Kirstie is psyching herself out about having to learn two dances. Maks has a little temper tantrum during rehearsals that seems to come out of nowhere. That was a weird package. So here's their instant salsa. It's kind of sad that this routine was better than a lot of their rehearsed routines this season. Kirstie obviously forgets some of the transitions, but manages to cover fairly well and she doesn't let it throw her. And even with her confusion, her foot and arm placement is always really good. Maks has this move where he puts his leg up and kicks her in the ass or something? It's dumb and he does it twice, but I blame Maks for that.

Bruno calls Kirstie a vixen but notes that they lost sync a number of times. And then Kirstie yells out "Shit!" but the censors get the button in time. Carrie Ann once again alludes to their chemistry and their tension, which makes me think she knows something that we don't. Len liked that it was slower and rhythmic, and he didn't mind that it wasn't as showy as some of the other routines because the basics were in place. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 8. What has gotten into Len tonight?

As a side note, the Instant Dances didn't change the order on the leaderboard much, although it did let Hines pull ahead of Romeo and Kirstie. Hmm. I don't know who's going home this week. Maybe Romeo? I think the audience will save Ralph and maybe Kirstie will take over Kendra's fanbase? It's a toss-up.

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