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Season 12 Performance 9: Results

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Let's start right out with the encore dance, and it's Chelsea and Marks' rumba. I love how Len says roomba, like Chelsea and Mark are going to dance with a robotic vacuum. That would actually be kind of awesome. Perhaps they could incorporate that into their freestyle. Anyway, their rumba is really good, just like it was last night. It pains me to see Mark in a sexy role, though.

How did Hines and Kym do last night? I think we forget that the couples have to watch the clip packages right before they dance, so Hines saw the whole accident with Kym and then had to do his routine. No wonder they were crying afterwards! In their confessional afterwards, Kym says that she told Hines not to watch the package, and she can't believe that he got through that dance after watching it. They do just as well on their second dance. So are they safe, after earning two perfect scores last night? They are! They're going to the finals.

Backstage, Ralph says that he was a little confused by the judging last night, but he hopes the fans enjoyed it. Chelsea says that they had a lot of fun last night. There's a really weird camera angle where you can see Ralph and Karina along with Mark and Chelsea and Ralph and Karina look really awkward watching Chelsea talk. Kirstie says that she and Maks will cope with the pressure by fighting and doing "more aerials." In the recap episode that aired right before this, she referred to aerials a few times too. Is that a joke because she thinks Maks can't throw her up in the air? I don't get it.

Stevie Nicks performs. I was just singing "Dreams" to my kids the other day. About the only thing that I remember from the show Dharma and Greg was a scene where Dharma's mom had a new Stevie Nicks-ish outfit on and Dharma expressed approval by saying, "Ooh, thunder only happens when it's raining!" I use that line all the time now, whenever someone is wearing a lot of scarves and long skirts etc. Dmitri and Anna dance along with some of the pro troupe members. It's that one guy who was Pam Anderson's partner (Damien?) and a blonde lady. Remember the pro troupe? I barely do. It all seems like a dream now.

There's no time for more results on the results show! It's time for a performance by Pitbull. Brooke tells us the song features Ne-Yo and Nayer. Are those people are is she just making random sounds? This Nayer lady - she's sort of interesting. She kind of looks like Amy Winehouse pre-crack. I am watching this and I don't even know what's happening. Pitbull is standing on the judges' table. There are many random Fly Girls dancing around. Carrie Ann must feel right at home. Is this a song? That people listen to? Kids today.

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