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Season 12 Performance 9: Results

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Hey, some actual results! How were things for Chelsea and Mark after they earned more points than anyone ever? After we see some quick highlights of their multiple dances, Chelsea admits that she hated Mark this week but now she loves him. They have an abusive relationship. So are they moving on to the finals? Of course they are. Come on. They got like 10,000 points. They didn't need much from the viewers to make it.

Hines and Kym are backstage with Mark and Chelsea to discuss what dance they'll be doing next week, because the judges choose what they do. Hines will be doing the quickstep. Aw, no Latin? I love his Latin dances. Chelsea and Mark are doing the samba. Brooke tries to kill time by getting each couple to trash talk the other, but none of them bite.

Now we see a story about a little girl named Tayla who loves to dance. She also has a disease that means she's missing half of her immune system, so she gets sick very easily. She only has a 60% chance of making it to age 18. But her mother explains that she can't keep Tayla in a bubble because that's no way to live, and Tayla made it clear that she doesn't want to live that way. Hey, did I mention that this girl is from Rochester, NY? Just like me? I learned that on Facebook today. Anyway, she'll be doing a dance with Chelsie and Lacey. You know what? This girl is really good! She holds her own with Chelsie and Lacey. And then I got thinking about how she'll always have this video to watch and remember how she got to live out one of her dreams, and then I think about what if she dies? And her mom is in the audience and is it dusty in here all of a sudden?

Clip package of the couples talking about their highs and lows so far this season. Ralph's breaking point was when he tried to work through the pain in his knee in rehearsals. For Kirstie, it was when she hurt her hip and the doctor told her to take off four to six weeks. Chelsea lost it when she was doing the group routine and she was just exhausted in every way. Hines, of course, says that his low point was when Kym got injured. So how about the turning points? Ralph's was when Karina fell and he picked her up and they finished the routine. When Kirstie's show came off, she realized that she was feeling like a victim and she needed to knock it off. Chelsea thought they were going home after their paso, so they made it through, she felt great. And Hines was elated when Kym made it through their first routine after the injury. So that was... not that interesting.

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