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Season 12 Performance 9: Results

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This really could have been half an hour, but first, we're going to hear Stevie Nicks perform "Landslide." Well, there are worse ways to kill time. You know Stevie is really singing too, because on the first line, she totally misses the last note. I'm going to say two things right now that might piss people off. The first is that these days, Stevie Nicks kind of sounds like she represents the Lullaby League, if you get what I'm saying. And the second is that I think I prefer the Dixie Chicks version of this song. I will say one thing for Stevie, though. She is wearing some fierce platform boots. Like Prince could wear these. Tony and Cheryl come out to dance to the song.

Let's look back at how Kirstie and Maks did this week. Get in your Way Back Machine and go all the way back to... last night. I once again have to wonder why no one tells Kirstie how horrible her facial expressions are when she dances. Ralph was really psyched to dance last night. I really can't believe he thought that salsa was worth tens. It was really awful. Like REALLY bad. Watching it back, it's even worse than I remembered. Also, did Karina get lip fillers or have her lips always been that big?

So it's down to Kirstie and Maks versus Ralph and Karina. Who's going home? Tom emphasizes that this is not necessarily the bottom two. But one of these couples is going home. And that couple is... Ralph and Karina. Well, he was the worst dancer last night. Kirstie has had worse performances, but Ralph didn't do well last night. Ralph did fantastic the first week, but he's never really lived up to that potential. Ralph was obviously ready for this potential outcome, as he has kind of a prepared speech ready where he thanks everyone EXCEPT THE JUDGES. Bam. Bittercakes, party of Daniel-san. Next week: the FINALS!

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