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Heads or Tails?
s seems a lot less assured than he did the first time around. Mark clearly had, um, a Red Bull? Yeah, let's go with that. He also took time during the commercial break to reapply his eyeliner instead of rehearse. I seriously want to kick him in the face. I hate him. Anyway, they also do a very similar routine, except they add in a sliding between the legs move that looks a lot more jive or Lindy hop than cha cha. It was dumb to have them do the same dance twice in a row. Just have all four take turns moving to the center and dancing or something and make it one round.

Len calls Hines "Daddy Cool" and Chelsea "Little Miss Dynamite." Bruno thinks they both did incredibly well under difficult circumstances. Carrie Ann thinks this proves whether they are dancers or people doing choreography, and they are all dancers. Voting time! All three vote for Chelsea and Mark. That's fair. As much as I hate Mark, I can admit that they did better in that short routine. Well, I think it might be Ralph's week to go. I can't see him getting much better, to be honest. I think he peaked too early. Scores:

Chelsea and Mark: 28 + 30 + 15 = 73

Hines and Kym: 30 + 30 = 60

Kirstie and Maks: 27 + 27 = 54

Ralph and Karina: 25 + 23 = 48

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