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Judges? They won't say anything bad, guaranteed. Len says he liked it the first time and he loved it this time. Bruno calls it "a cinematic extravaganza" and "unforgettable." Carrie Ann thinks it was "beyoooooooond perfect" this time. No scores yet; they're waiting for all of the dancers to go.

You guys, I just watched Rob's entire roll-in package and just sat there with glazed eyes and suddenly they were dancing and I was like, "Shit, I was supposed to recap that." But it was dullsville, population snore. They fake decide to do their foxtrot, which Rob did for his dad. Rob is really grateful to Cheryl for her role in his transformation. See? Boring! Anyway, their foxtrot is cute and all, but Rob never solved that big problem where he takes big steps and they look clunky. I don't know if it's a heel lead or he's flat footed or he doesn't bend his knee - I can't pinpoint the problem. But it looks awkward. His hands and arms are great, though.

Judges? Bruno thinks Rob looks smooth and suave. Carrie Ann loved the elegance and refinement and Rob makes it look easy. Len tells Rob he's got the best footwork of any guy that Len has seen on the show. Well, he's light on his feet. I'll give him that. I think Len is forgetting a few people, though. Mario Lopez. Gilles Marini. Probably others that I'm forgetting.

JR and Karina discuss which routine to do over. They're going to do their jive, but remove the lift, since they got a point taken off for it, and take out all the Lindy Hop stuff that Len hated. See, that's how you do it. It couldn't help but be better because first of all, it was early on so JR has gotten better and second of all, they got a low score, so just about anything will be an improvement. Their opening is in perfect sync, even though their backs are to one another. That's impressive, especially since they struggled with that last night. JR gets a little off when he does a jump from the stage but Karina gets him back on track. The middle section of their jive is really outstanding. JR is kicking and flicking like a madman and they are totally in sync. He screws up again near the end, but covers well and overall, it was really good. Definitely better than their first attempt, but not perfect. But also better than last night.

Judges? Carrie Ann tells JR that he's a "catalyst for joy" even if they had some mistakes. Len gives props to the band and the singers first, and then says that JR took out the Lindy which was great, and his personality lights up the room. Len didn't say much about the dance quality. Bruno thought it was "fun, fun, fun!" That seemed like damning with faint praise. I don't know what the viewers did with their votes, but if it were up to the judges, I don't think JR would win.

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