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The recap of the last few weeks was very, very kind to Hope. It didn't make her look like a brat, and she was one. She and Maks are doing their quickstep. Huh. I've had Amy Winehouse's version of "Valerie" stuck in my head for the last few weeks and couldn't figure out why. Turns out they did their dance to it (much sped up). That explains so much. Anyway, the routine is very Hope-y. Almost good but not great. I notice they don't get an interview.

Before we see the instant dances, I've got a complaint to register about this season. The camerawork, or rather the shots that the producers choose. More than I've ever noticed before, the producer chooses to vary the shots a lot during the routines. The problem is that the person choosing the shots doesn't seem to know much about dancing, so they will cut away from their feet right at an important footwork part or cut away from a full body shot during a part where a full body shot is important. I've never noticed it before this season so I have to assume there's a new producer or something. It sucks. Stop doing that. I'll be watching a routine and just about to figure out why, for example, Rob's steps look weird and they'll cut to a shot of just his face. STOP THAT! Thank you.

I don't like how they do these instant dances. They have JR and Karina start, but the whole time they are dancing, Cheryl and Rob are standing on stage, near the stairs, and you can see them kind of walking through the routine while they wait. It's very distracting. And then as soon as JR and Karina are done, they start the song over and Rob and Cheryl come out. Are they trying to save time? Because there was a LOT of filler they could have cut.

So anyway, the dancing. JR and Karina are really, really good. The two problems they've had lately are JR's posture and being out of sync, and both are much improved. Their routine also seems more difficult. Rob's routine is also good; he certainly doesn't miss a step. But he does overextend his legs sometimes and it looks weird. He seems to be having a great time, though. I'll give him that. And for an instant dance, they were both really, really good.

Judges? Len thinks these two couples have had ten weeks of hard work and then faced huge challenges tonight as well, so Len gives them both a standing ovation. Bruno thinks that JR can turn it on at will, and Rob used his bon bon to great effect. Carrie Ann thinks they are both winners because they both went for it.

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