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Season 13 Performance 10: Results

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While we wait for scores, Tom talks to some of the stars in the audience. The one notable think is that he asks Carson is he's sad that he got to dance with Val but not Maks and Carson quips, "There's still the after party."

Final set of scores are ready! JR and Karina get three tens for a total of 112 over four rounds. Rob and Cheryl also get three tens for a total of 113. So the instant dance was kind of useless, since it didn't change anything, right? Although it might have affected the percentages. I don't understand how that works, admittedly, and I don't want to.

I think we could probably get this done in ninety minutes next year, right? Cut out the live performances and some of the filler? Throw in a Thanksgiving special for the first half hour and call it a day. Anyway, it's finally time to reveal the winner. And the winning couple is...JR and Karina. Yay! Hooray. I didn't know if the last weeks would ruin it for them. They look so happy. And...we're done! See you in March.

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