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The field has been narrowed down to three: JR, Rob and Ricki. And it's time for the finals! I've been trying to figure out all day who I'm rooting for. I want to say JR, but if he doesn't perform tonight, I guess it would have to be Rob. I like Derek, but Ricki puts me off for some reason. So I'll decide after watching tonight's dances and let you know. I realize you are all on pins and needles.

Brooke and Tom introduce the three final couples and they take the floor. First up tonight will be Ricki and Derek. Carrie Ann will be helping Ricki get ready for her cha cha. Carrie Ann says that Ricki has got the technique down but she needs to work on her sexiness. Ricki's body issues come up AGAIN because she obviously thinks that bigger girls can't be sexy, and she really needs to get over that. I mean, look at Christina Hendricks for an example of a woman who is not tiny and yet is sex on a stick. Ricki has got to be over forty. Isn't it time to let those hang-ups go and feel sexy no matter what your size? Gah, she is so frustrating.

So let's see if she brought out the sexy. Here's what I don't get about Ricki's performances: everyone talks about how awesome her technique is, and it's good, but I don't think it's great. She's not as good as a Nicole Scherzinger or even a Jennifer Grey. Her turns and footwork are both sharp, but her hip action is non-existent. I think that's what leads to the charges of being unsexy; her midsection is completely stiff and rigid. Compare that to JR's rolling hips, and there's a huge difference. It's a good, fast routine, and Ricki doesn't miss a step, but there's still something missing. I wouldn't give her a perfect 10 for that, but the judges probably will.

Judges? Len says it was good, though it could have been a little more fluid at times. Bruno thinks she's never been hotter or sexier, and while he agrees with Len, he thinks it was fantastic. Carrie Ann thinks Ricki was living the dance, although she saw the moments that Len saw, where she seemed to get mixed up on a pass or a transition. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 9.

Last week, Rob came on strong and showed that he belongs in the finals. Rob has the waltz, and he's struggling. Bruno comes in to help him and tries to get him to puff his chest out and walk like a prince. It seems to work; Rob looks a lot more graceful. Will he be able to translate it to the dance floor? Hmm. I actually kind of blame the choreography for this one. There's too many points where Rob has to walk or scuttle across the dance floor and he's not good at it. This dance seemed to really feature Cheryl, and not emphasize Rob's good points. The parts in hold were good; his arms and carriage were graceful. But when he took steps, he was sometimes pigeon-toed and his butt was sticking out again.

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