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Judges? Bruno loved the fluidity, but noticed that Rob messed up the footwork at times. Carrie Ann thinks Rob is the male Cinderella, and she's psyched at how far he's come, despite his small mistakes. Len liked the holds and the posture, even if it got heavy at times. Len calls it "simple, but...simply beautiful." Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 9. I thought they might get at least one 8, but again, I thought it was more a failure of choreography than dancing.

JR had an ankle injury last week and kind of screwed the pooch, but he still made it through because Hope sucked. JR goes to see a doctor and finds out that his ankle isn't fractured, so he can still dance. Len comes to visit JR in the studio to give him tips on how to work his hips, and also to give him a pep talk on how Karina has never won so JR needs to win it for her. Well, their routine is really fun and JR is back, attitude-wise. That said, his ankle or whatever still seems to be affecting him; he doesn't have the hip action that he's had in previous routines, and he screws up a few times and Karina has to get him back on track. He tries to hide it, but it's pretty obvious that he got lost and had to restart. I think the pressure of the finals and his injury might be getting to him and he lost it for a moment or two.

Judges? Carrie Ann can't even talk at first because the crowd is going nuts. Carrie Ann thinks that people fall in love with his spirit when he dances, but tonight his musicality is off, and she wants him to bring it in his next three dances. Len notes that JR did a lot of that dance solo, but it wasn't that good and there were a lot of mistakes, probably due to his enthusiasm. Bruno liked the mood they set, and even if his technique wasn't always right on, his character was right there. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7 and Bruno 9. JR admits to Brooke that he did screw up a few times, and Karina knows that they're going to come back with their freestyle.

Speaking of the freestyle, it's time for those to rev up with Ricki and Derek going first. I know I say this every season but the show hypes these freestyles and they are probably my least favorite routines. Derek and Ricki work on their freestyle and Derek is actually really mean to her, telling her that she's not good and she needs to shut her face. He explains via interview that every time he's been really hard on her in rehearsals, she's done great in the performance. I believe it; nothing Derek can say is worse than what Ricki says to herself in her head, I'm sure. But it was odd to hear Derek be so harsh; I don't know if he's always like that and they don't show it, or if he's truly just using it as a motivational technique.

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