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Elisabetta didn't get great marks last week, deservedly so in my opinion, so this week, she has some making up to do with her quickstep. In rehearsals, Val and Elisabetta clash. He seems really impatient with her. He claims it's because she doesn't listen and doesn't seem to have any enthusiasm about learning, but I kind of think it's his first season on the show and he expected more. He's teaching her like she's been taking lessons for ten years, and meanwhile she never danced before. I mean, she seems a little bitchy, but he's taking the wrong approach, I think. So how will this impact the final routine?

Well, he definitely has to lead her around the floor, but her footwork is a lot better this week, and she's smiling. She seems to screw up one important move, but covers well and doesn't break composure. Her frame is pretty good. Val's cummerbund comes detached at some point, but he ignores it. There is some lady sitting by the side of the stage that is SO EXCITED, grinning ear to ear and clapping and I can't stop looking at her instead of at the dancers. Elisabetta doesn't project her joy out to the audience; it's very internal. She also does the white man's overbite while dancing alone. It's better than last week, overall, but boring. Judges? Len says it wasn't great, but it was better. Bruno thinks she is back on track, and she should keep working at it. Carrie Ann loves that she overcame her problems from last week, since that's what the show should be about. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 7.

Rob Kardashian admits that he's insecure about his weight and he doesn't like to do the jive because his man boobs jiggle. Look, I get feeling bad about your weight. I do. And I think it's sweet that he admitted it but he's not that big and he's young, and I have to believe that if he ate healthy with all the rehearsing that he could drop ten pounds in no time. I guess the producers got the note that Rob came off like an asshole last week.

Oof, Rob's outfit. Someone who doesn't like his moobs should NOT wear a Hawaiian shirt, open, over a white tank top. Why would he do that? Or allow it? Because you know what? It does make him look much chubbier than he did last week. And then they put him in khakis, but they're floods, and pink dance shoes. It makes him look like a baby hippo, mostly because he's got the Kardashian ass. Kim's not the only one with junk in the trunk. And a lot of guys can pull that off; Maks's butt is pretty big. But with the short pants -- it just doesn't work. By the time I get done analyzing the outfit, I realize that their routine is almost over and I need to focus. He's not bad! I mean, he still looks really self-conscious and stiff, but his technique is not terrible. I'll be interested to see what the judges think. Bruno thinks that Rob really came out of his shell and showed a connection with Cheryl that was missing previously. Carrie Ann sing-yells that Rob is better than his sister Kim. Len liked the energy and pace, as well as the confidence. The judges couldn't be more enthusiastic. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 7. The crowd approves of those scores.

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