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The next couple to dance will be Chaz and Lacey, who surprised everyone in a good way last week. Chaz is already having knee problems, and the quickstep is not going to help with any knee problems, because there's a lot of bouncing. Chaz gets some help from a doctor and Lacey dumbs down the routine to try to save his knees. I don't want to state the obvious here, but I will: losing weight wouldn't hurt. I say that as someone who had hip and knee problems and couldn't figure out why until I lost some weight and was like, "Oh! So joints don't work as well when they're carrying around all those extra pounds!" Anyway, I hope getting in shape through dance will help Chaz feel better. But is the dancing any good?

Oh. Oh dear. This is hard to watch. You know how in the quickstep, there are supposed to be these runs down the floor and quick feet? Those aren't happening. It looks like a waltz. I mean, Chaz is trying, and Lacey is trying REALLY HARD. But she's had to work around his great limitations and it doesn't look like any kind of quickstep. I don't even know how you judge that. Let's find out. Bruno calls it "an Ewok dancing with Princess Leia" in terms of likability, but admits that it needed to be faster. Carrie Ann could see the pain in Chaz's face, and thinks he was charming, but also needed more quick stepping in the quickstep. Len admired his grit and determination but thinks he has moved faster through a carwash. Chaz looks like he may have a heart attack. That would be a first on live television, huh? Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5 and Bruno 6. Should have been three 5s, I think.

Chynna and Tony were amazing last week with their waltz, so there's nowhere to go but down, right? That's kind of worrisome and a lot of pressure. Chynna is really hard on herself in rehearsals, and Tony is just laughing at her. She starts out saying "Fudge" but finally she yells out something stronger and adds, "Sorry, Jesus. I have to curse." That may be my favorite all-time line on this show. I think it was all in the delivery.

So obviously, their jive is really good, although it feels a lot more Latin than anything else. I guess because it's not the typical '50s greaser thing that EVERYONE does, and I'm not used to it. But there's something odd about Chynna's legs, and I can't pinpoint it. I think she's not bending her knees enough? Her arms and upper body look great, and she really sells it with her facial expressions, but her legs look weird. Did the judges notice? Carrie Ann just likes watching Chynna dance, but felt like she played it a little safe. Len thinks it's because they had really high expectations after last week, and they weren't wowed. It was too polite. Bruno wants her to let out her inner sex kitten, and thinks she needs to go full bore. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7 and Bruno 7. Underscored. There's no way that routine was equal to Rob or Elisabetta.

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