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Everyone loves Nancy Grace's partner, Tristan. Seriously. That's all I've seen this week is how much everyone loves hearing him talk. So I'm betting he'll be back next season even if Nancy goes out early. Anyway, she is a total bitch to him in rehearsals, refusing to do steps and kind of snapping at him, and she admits that's because she feels like she doesn't know what she's doing and so she shuts down. That's productive. Anyway, she apologizes and he apologizes back, and I think they might be having an affair. I mean, they are really, really touchy feely. Except why would he? I mean, come on.

Let's set aside those yucky thoughts. How is the routine? Well, her footwork is pretty good, but kind of slow. And her frame is AWFUL. Like non-existent. It also looks like she's fighting against Tristan a lot of the time, and he struggling to steer her in the right direction. The thing is, her footwork really was pretty decent. I don't know if she froze up and forgot the steps or was under-rehearsed or what. And then the most terrible thing happens. Her boob pops out on the final move. You can see her hug Tristan and whisper something in his ear, probably, "Holy shit, my whole boob is hanging out" and the producers cut to an audience shot of people just sitting and staring, which I think is like their version of a test pattern, because the audience is applauding for real. Then they walk over to Tom but they cut away again quickly because her nipple is still poking out over her neckline. You can see screen caps elsewhere on the 'net, if you must. So they cut to the same unclapping audience shot and Tom fixes it for her and she is REALLY embarrassed. I actually feel bad for her, because not only did her boob pop out but the editing made it look like no one was clapping for her.

So let's get to the judging. Len says it was refreshing that they didn't break the rules and did a proper quickstep mostly in hold, even if it lacked razzamatazz. Bruno thought it was confident and a great improvement. Carrie Ann says that she likes razzamatazz unlike Len but she thinks they are a great team who has persevered. Tom tries to do the plug as scripted but the judges are still arguing over the razzamatazz. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 8 and Bruno 7. I can't believe Len gave that routine an 8. The frame was awful! Len is seriously drunk.

JR and Karina are the final couple to dance. Like Chynna, JR is going in with big expectations due to his high scores last week. He also thinks he doesn't have as many fans as some of the others. You know, after the first week, I bet he does. I know a lot of people were inspired by his backstory, and then he also danced great. And thank God, right? Because you'd hate to think he was moving forward because people felt sorry for him. From what little we've seen, I think he would hate that. But he's really good.

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