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The intro lets us know that, this week, the couples will be expressing something personal, and something about their own personal journey. Is this The Bachelor? I mean, I like to watch true emotion expressed through dance, but I don't need a sob story beforehand to get that. It makes this show feel sort of like the old Queen for a Day from the '50s, where the most pitiful person ends up getting votes. And this isn't Sob Stories with the Stars (though I think TLC might pick that up for mid-season).

Once the couples are introduced, Tom and Brooke remind us of the night's theme and tell us to have a box of tissues ready. See? I don't want to cry while watching this show. Well, I have a heart of stone, so I won't cry. I'll probably just roll my eyes. I'm a bad person. But people who are, you know, human and not robots might cry. Also, the lighting is really weird in this segment, and there are huge shadows from the couples crawling across the dance floor. Maybe one of the couples is trying to evoke a horror movie?

Rob and Cheryl will be first to perform tonight. Rob got high marks from the judges last week, even though I thought he looked terrible and danced nearly as badly as he looked. In rehearsals, Rob tells Cheryl that his most memorable year was 2003, when his father (you know, the dude who got OJ off) died. I mean, it's sad that his dad died, especially since he was just fifteen. But doesn't it feel a little exploitative? Rob will be doing the foxtrot to "Fly Me To the Moon" by Sinatra, which was one of his father's favorite songs. You guys, I can't. I can't make fun of someone who's missing his dead father. At least not yet. I can make fun of his dancing, though.

So, he's not bad! His footwork is decent and he knows the steps. I think he could work on being more decisive with his foot and hand placement. Sometimes he gets his foot into a position and then slides it around a bit instead of sticking it. And his posture is not perfect. But seriously, this is way better than his previous two dances, if only because he seems to be taking it seriously and he's not entirely graceless. He gets a little ahead of the beat about halfway through but gets back in sync. The judges look pleased, but let's hear what they have to say. Len tells him that he "put the dash into Kardashian" and his dad would be proud. Bruno references Guys and Dolls and Rob doesn't know what that is. Carrie Ann enjoys watching Rob make progress, and he does that each week. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. I think that's fair. Maybe a point or two high in total, but fair.

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