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Chynna has to remember the most memorable year of her life, and she decides that it was 1990, when Wilson Phillips had their hit "Hold On." She wrote it. Who knew? She felt abandoned by her father, and yes, I'm going to go there and say that, given Mackenzie's revelations about their father, she's probably better off being abandoned. Chynna got into drugs and alcohol but in 1990, she quit both and met her future husband, Billy Baldwin. So her dance is going to represent running away from the pain and negativity and towards a brighter future. You guys, I was friend with these two sisters in high school and we did a kick ass version of "Hold On" in three-part harmony. We were like the low(er) rent Wilson Phillips. That's apropos of nothing but I wanted to mention it because I can't stop singing the low part in my head. Anyway, Chynna gets emotionally overwhelmed in rehearsals but powers through.

Tony and Chynna have the rumba, and of course, Chynna is great at it. It's her dance, all graceful arm movements and striking poses and sexy faces. I wonder if she's mad that the band is butchering her song, "Hold On." It's really bad. It would have been cool if the Wilson sisters came on and sang it for her. I wonder if they are all still friends. God know, Carnie will come to the opening of an envelope, so it's not like they couldn't get her. She would probably run out on the stage and start dancing with Chynna. That would be hilarious. Anyway, it's a good routine, but kind of expected for me. That doesn't make it any worse, technically. Let's see what the judges thought. Oh, the Wilson sisters are totally there in the audience! Why not have them sing it? Come on, producers. Bruno tells Chynna she's "a smoldering siren" and has beautiful lines. Carrie Ann thinks that Chynna gave them more, which is what they asked for, and she loved how Chynna was connected to the song. Len thinks that dancing like that will keep Chynna there for weeks and weeks, and she's brought the competition to a new level. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9 and Bruno 9. Wow. Well, she did deserve higher scores than Rob, so that's good.

What was Chaz's most memorable year? Well, first Lacey tells him that he'll do better this week, because they have the rumba, and it'll be easier on his knees. Chaz says that, pretty obviously, his most memorable year is this year, with his surgery and transition, and he'll be dancing to a song by his father, Sonny Bono. You'd think there'd be more to his backstory, but maybe ABC is trying to downplay all that Chaz has gone through this year? Because of the protests and such? I don't know. It seemed like a pretty bland roll-in package for someone who has had such a life-changing event.

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