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Their rumba is...it's not good. Part of the problem is the song, which isn't nearly lyrical enough for a rumba. Part of the problem is Chaz's outfit. He's wearing a sleeveless shirt, which works for someone with good arms, but Chaz really doesn't have good arms. And then his pants are ill fitting and only serve to accentuate his potbelly, which is never a good look. And then most of the routine seems to be Lacey flitting around and Chaz standing there. I could even deal with that, because the rumba is a lot of striking poses and "come here, go away" business, but Chaz's facial expressions don't fit the routine at all. In the beginning, he's all scowly, and then he smiles when he hits a move, and it doesn't fit the mood of the dance. It's just a jumbled mess. But probably better than last week. Judges? Carrie Ann is touched by Chaz's courage each week, but she thought he looked distracted and unfocused. Len thought it was his best dance so far (WHAT?) and he loves that Chaz comes back each week, despite negative comments. Bruno thinks Chaz is endearing, but he agrees that Chaz sometimes lost focus. Bruno adds that it's a difficult dance. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6 and Bruno 6. Hmm. How did Len say such nice things and then give him a 6? That was weird.

Kirstin says that 2005 was her most memorable year because she graduated high school and moved to LA. She really hasn't had any struggles in life, has she? I mean, compared to the others on the show? Kristin will be dancing to "Crazy in Love" which is my JAM, and she'll be doing the samba. During rehearsals, she struggles a bit because Mark is making the routine really difficult, but he's confident that she can handle it. Let's see.

Well, Kristin can really shake her booty and whip her hair around, and honestly, that's a big part of this dance. My only complaint is that Mark over choreographed it a bit, so a lot of the actual traditional samba moves were rushed. I mean, Kristin tried her best to do the bouncing samba moves in hold, but she could barely fit them in before she had to go on to the next move. But she had the attitude down cold. There were tiny technique things missing, like keeping her legs bent at certain points, but overall I thought it was really good, and definitely fun to watch. Her ex-fiancé maybe-sorta-boyfriend Jay Cutler is in the front row, clapping. Len didn't love the Beyonce parts, with the booty shaking and hair whipping, but he loved the 80 percent of the dance that was non-Beyonce, and says it was fabulous. Bruno calls Kristin a "fast-moving devil woman." Carrie Ann thinks Kristin did great and impressed her with the difficult choreography. I love that Kristin just takes in the comments and doesn't argue or give attitude. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8.

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