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Carson and Anna are easily the most fun couple of the season, but they're dancing hasn't really been up to par. Can they turn it around this week with the tango? Carson's favorite year was 2003, which is when Queer Eye came out. Carson talks about how he was the dorkiest kid in high school, but he also knew he was gay and couldn't be himself. They show pics of him in high school and he was pretty dorky but also cute. Carson says that 2003 was great for him because he was finally getting positive attention for just being himself. Aw. Love him. He's an awful dancer, but I love him.

The best part of this routine is that, instead of trying to make it about a man and a woman stalking one another, Anna made it about Carson stalking her awesome shoes. That is fantastic. And I bet it was a lot easier for Carson to get into character. Carson does a lot better in a more structured dance like the tango, because there's not as much freedom for him to flail about with his gawky arms and legs. His posture is pretty good and he knows the steps cold. He's still got some issues with musicality, but he makes up for it in personality. I think this was his best routine so far, especially technique-wise. Bruno thought it was amazing. Carrie Ann just loves Carson because he brings so many different emotions to the floor, but he also brought technique. Len tells him that he "put the boy in flamboyant," and his tango had merit. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7 and Bruno 8. That was a little overscored, but I get why they wanted to give him those scores.

Oof, we're now at the truly heart-breaking portion of the evening, because it's time for JR's story. Obviously, his most memorable year is the year he was injured. He was driving and hit a land mine. He was 19 years old and he felt like his life was over, and he even wished that he had died rather than have to live this way, with his disfigured face and body. But at one point, he chose to fight and be upbeat and positive. He wants his rumba to be a tribute to the servicemen and women that didn't get a second chance like he did. Oh, Lord. I mean, he has earned every bit of that, but it's heavy.

You know, he's a war hero, and he has every right to be bitter and a jerk. And yet, he's an amazing person and even an asshole like me can see that. And he's also a great dancer. His rumba is really, really good. The extension on his arms and legs is amazing, and his movements are very graceful. He has hip action in all the right places. I really can't find much fault with the routine. And despite all the weight that was laid upon the routine, it somehow avoids schmaltz and is truly just affecting. Look, you guys. I don't like being this way. I want to rip on something. I hope someone awful is coming up soon because I'm about to lose my recapper badge. The audience applauds wildly and JR is overcome with emotion, and the producers wisely just let it go on for a while. Judges? Carrie Ann is all verklempt as well. She tells JR that he did something extraordinary and profound. Len tells him that JR has surprised him with his excellence, even if it could have been a little more musical through the arms (which means that Len isn't giving him a 10 and has to justify it.) Bruno says that he felt every emotion that JR put out there, and his technique was great as well. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8 and Bruno 9. I'm glad they didn't give him 10s. It's too early in the season.

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