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Season 13 Performance 3

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The dance itself is much better than he's done in previous weeks. His arms and hands could be better, and he tries to have hip action but it's perfunctory, but when they're in hold, he does really well. And he definitely puts the emotion out there. And I have to say, with his shirt unbuttoned, I'm a little surprised at how good his body is. Sort of a skinny junkie physique, but that can be hot. The camera makes sure to focus on Courteney Cox in the audience, and little Coco. Because I'm a Cougar Town whore, I know that the whole crew was in the audience as well, and you should watch that show whenever ABC finally brings it back. It's really good. Don't let the name put you off. Anyway, judges? Len loved the motion and emotion, and thought it was great. Bruno found it sensitive and vulnerable. Carrie Ann thought it was a great comeback, and loved that he brought himself to the dance, and brought honesty and emotion. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. They seem thrilled.

So who's going home? Maybe Chaz. Maybe Nancy. I don't really have a sense this season of who has a big fanbase coming in, so it really could be anyone. We'll find out tomorrow! Here's the leaderboard:

Ricki and Derek: 27

Chynna and Tony: 26

JR and Karina: 26

Rob and Cheryl: 24

Kristin and Mark: 24

Hope and Maks: 24

David and Kym: 24

Carson and Anna: 23

Nancy and Tristan: 21

Chaz and Lacey: 18

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