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Season 13 Performance 4: Results

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Chynna Syndrome

Julianna and Derek are teaming up to do a jive to "Shake A Tailfeather." I'm glad they're doing a jive. I find it slightly creepy when siblings do, like, the rumba or the tango or something. It's really fun and fast, and Julianne actually flips Derek at one point and he nearly crashes. Yikes. But they are both laughing at the end. I did feel like I'd seen this before too, but I think I'm remembering when they won the very first Design A Dance. I just went and watched that, and man does Derek look better with the short hair. Also, this routine was way better. As Tom and Brooke are segueing to the next segment, the cameras follow as Derek and Julianne hug the judges and we get a shot of Julianne squeezing Len's bum to get his attention. Oops. I don't think she knew she was on camera. That was awesome.

Nancy and Tristan did the paso they hoped to do, and Len still thought it was boring. And Len was right. We get a rare shot of the other pros watching David and Kym's dance, and they all liked it and thought it would get higher scores. Someone on the forums pointed out that Hope looks exactly like Dexter's sister on Dexter and now I can't unsee it. They could be twins. Aw, that was Hope's nephew in the Buzz Lightyear costume in the front row. He was super cute. Anyway, Len doesn't think that Hope is putting in the time, and he does have a point, since she ran part of a marathon in Chicago this week. That had to take away from rehearsal time. So who's safe from this crew? David and Hope are safe, and Nancy is in jeopardy.

The three couples that are in jeopardy are waiting to hear the results. Rob and Cheryl, Nancy and Tristan, and Chynna and Tony are at the top of the stairs, probably sweating. So which of these three is safe? Nancy and Tristan. Good for Tristan.

Rob and Cheryl and Chynna and Tony have to walk down a huge staircase and wait again to find out if they are going home or staying around. And guess who's going home? Chynna and Tony. Holy shitballs. I did not expect that. I thought she could win the whole thing. The audience is stunned as well. She must have zero fanbase because her scores were NOT that low, so you can't blame the judges for this one. Chynna gives the obligatory thanks to Tony and for the opportunity. I wonder how Tony's ankle is doing. And the writer for the show is Dave Boone, who makes a lot more money than me, so I'm sure he gives two shits what I think as I sit here on my couch. Aw, poor Chynna. Now I really don't know who's going to win this thing.

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