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Season 13 Performance 6: Results

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That's Why They Call It The Blues

Last night, Ricki and JR got top marks, but Chaz and Maks got angry with the judges. Will there be backlash? Will the audience rebel against the judges and keep Hope and Chaz around to show them what's what? Let's find out.

Tom gives Len a chance to talk about last night, and Len doesn't really say anything but announces that there were "two outstanding performances" but presumably since Ricki already got an encore earlier this season, tonight it will be JR and Karina. Yeah, I would still only give this one a 9. JR's footwork isn't perfect and there are a few other small flubs. I would be way meaner than any of the existing judges, including Len. I would require near perfection for a 10.

Time to look back at last night. Before he went on, Rob told JR that he would get a 30 if he did it like his dress rehearsal. And Rob was only one point off. Ooh, they're already doing results. Well, obviously these two are safe. They should have just done Ricki and Derek while they were at it.

Brooke is backstage with JR, Ricki, and Nancy and their partners. Brooke asks JR about next week, and he has no clue what they're doing. Karina gives a hint. Brooke asks Nancy if she considers herself a contender, and Nancy says that she really doesn't, but she's just happy to be there. Brooke asks Ricki her plans if she makes it through, and Ricki says she'll do whatever Derek tells her to do. I wish Ricki would relax her shoulders. They're up around her ears and it makes me tense to look at her.

Kristin Chenoweth is back to perform. Thankfully, she didn't pull her hair back tonight, as she did last night. I am also a member of the giant forehead club (although, unlike Cheno, mine actually moves once in a while and has a few creases), and you just can't have your hair pulled tightly back. Christina Ricci does, but her forehead is SO huge that it sort of circles back around somehow. Anyway, Cheno sings and Tony and a female dancer come out and do a really pretty routine with some amazing stunts. I am not a stunt fan usually, but I was impressed. Good for Tony. I wonder what he thought about Maks's outburst. In other news, Tom Bergeron hearts Kristin Chenoweth.

More highlights from last night. Derek hollers a lot while he and Ricki are dancing, maybe to keep her energy up? Also, Bruno yells at the other judges to give them a 10. I would tell Bruno to shut up. Nancy apologized for all of the horrible things she said to Tristan in rehearsals, and said he was a talented choreographer. Also, Len sniggered over Carrie Ann giving them a 9, since he gave them a 7. I like the judges' interactions. So are these two couples safe? They are, in fact, both safe. I'm starting to worry about David.

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