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So how's the dance? Well, it starts out pretty boring, but when they get to the middle, Nancy actually performs with facial expressions and playing to the audience and it's the most joyful I've ever seen her. She totally screws up the ending though. She misses a step and then I think she's supposed to click her heels but it's like something my toddler would do. Oops. But that middle segment was actually really good.

Judges? Bruno thought they captured the feel of the musical but also did a foxtrot. Carrie Ann thinks that she upped the ante on her content and nailed it. Nancy wipes away tears. Len thought that much more personality came out than usual, and he loved that, although the sections in hold weren't as good. He's right, though. Those were the most boring times. The judges argue amongst themselves and Tom escorts Nancy and Tristan off stage. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 7, Bruno 8. Wow. Carrie Ann got a little carried away.

David Arquette got great marks for his tango last week, which was a punk version. Kym wants to keep the momentum going, and they're dancing to "We Go Together" from Grease. David Arquette has a philosophy of jazz hands. Of course he does. He also likes the quickstep because it's joyful, like his personality. But he struggles to keep his energy controlled instead of chaotic.

And he continues to struggle with that through this dance. He gets all the steps but he's just a LITTLE ahead of the beat the whole time and you can see Kym trying to wrestle him into submission. And this dance is supposed to be fun and joyful, not a struggle. He has little flashes of brilliance - his Danny Zuko moves are adorable and he sails smoothly across the floor in hold - but overall, it left me feeling anxious.

Judges? Carrie Ann points out that a song from Grease is tough to live up to, because it's iconic, and David did great. Carrie Ann noticed the push and pull, but thought he was fluid at times. Len thought it was rough around the edges, but high energy and enthusiastic. Bruno thinks that David is too charged up but his energy was great. I couldn't figure out why David looked so handsome and movie star-ish this week; he shaved his stupid goatee. What a difference. I have never thought he was handsome before, but he looks great. Don't grow that back, dude. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8.

Ricki had a rough week last week, mostly due to her mistimed Roger Rabbit. Derek needs to take a lesson from David Arquette and lose the facial hair. Why do these handsome men feel the need to cover their faces in stupid facial hair? I love a good beard and all, but Derek's is patchy and kind of gross. Anyway, Ricki loves Broadway music and is excited to dance to it, but she struggles with the stamina required for the quickstep. Throughout rehearsals, she just keeps saying that she's tired and exhausted, and Derek admits that he's pushing her harder because she does better that way.

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